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    Thank you for your various opinions. The problem is now solved for me.
    I did a little practice about Qu-PAD operation and I got permission from the engineer to operate Qu-PAD in the backstage during the show.

    In my working club, only one engineer was operating iPAD and Qu 32. But, from now on, stage staff will also operate additional iPAD.
    (Of course it’s a very partial operation.)

    Until now, if stage staff wanted to mute and unmute microphones and DIs, stage staff had to ask an engineer to do that.
    But now it is possible for stage staff to manipulate them themselves.
    This is an improvement in work efficiency, and I think that it will also be an operation practice of Qu-PAD for stage staff.
    I will do my best to be careful about Misoperation.

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    Thank you for your opinion.
    Certainly, I do not think this is the best method to learn the operation of the mixer.
    I think that “operating the mixer by myself” is the best exercise method.
    Actually, sometimes, I operate and practice Qu32 on club’s non-business days.
    However, I think “knowing the inside of the Qu-PAD screen during the show” should be useful as one of information for studying.

    Currently, my position is a stage man. I can not see or touch the mixer or talk with engineer during the show.
    So at least, I want to observe iPAD and study what he is doing in mixer.
    If the engineer was doing an operation unknown to me, I would ask him about the operation and the reason after the show.

    Even from the stage staff’s point of view, there are lots of information available from Qu-PAD.
    If the stage staff have Qu-PAD installed iPAD, stage staff can check the channel number and mute state of them at any time.
    These information are also useful for setting up on the stage.

    I know that Qu32 can be operated from multiple iPADs. (I confirmed this feature.)
    But during the show, I would like to enable engineer’s iPAD only.
    I want other iPAD inoperable state (read only mode) for misoperation prevention.

    And, about the method of monitoring,
    I think that there is no need to constantly monitor the engineer’s iPAD screen in real time. (It does not have to be a real-time monitor like VNC.)
    I just want the normal operation style with the modes that do not affect mixer parameters.
    Like normal mode, I want to access any screen at any time.

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