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    Once dante via is out a pc connected to qu qu16 usb Asio drivers in windows would be directly patchable channel by channel as a dante device. by this anything on a dante network would connect with the computer acting as a converter. Obiosuly same sample rate would be required but it should work. Via will be out sometime in the next 4 months a cording to Dantes Website.


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    Sorry For typing mistakes Responding on phone.

    if extra io made desk larger extra input channels could come up only on the user fader layer. Usb drive could add chanels to the desk as it does on yamaha. 01v96i is in same price range and with stage box or usb io can be a 40 input desk. Though qu16 is better in most respects it’s worth noting.

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    Mp3 recording and playback is standard I do like the qu16 a lot especially the price and sound quality but I have a lot of small updates that  would make it a great console.these are in no particular order accept the first bullet.  That’s very important to me

    -I’d like a stereo to mix function so that when setting up delays and fills I don’t have to make a million post fade auxes per channel and one by one.
    -global per aux pre/ post fade switch. 
    -I’d also like a icon on the screen showing what layer I’m on.  Especially outside in the sun it takes a second to see where I’m at.
    -mp3 playback for player
    -automixer (cheaper behringer is supposed to have it in an update. 
    -pc editor 
    -android editor
    -input patching that Is not 1 to 1 especially for usb playback  
    -channel overview screen with panning and stereo asignemnts 
    -aux pan fallow foh pan
    -app sensation mode or full screen faders
    -more soft keys on app
    -direct play of files on soft key 
    -allmost console features on app. (Like yamaha and begringer)
    -selective copy and paste function 
    -lock for input patch on channel screen
    -larger meters on screen
    -streaming of que to ipad via wifi and through headphone jack even if there is latency and is compressed … I wish,  then console really could be left backstage. But this is proably wishful thinking 
    -more accuracy then 1db on aux send screen 
    -any possibility of a silent power on and off? The pop is not ideal. In a rental company having to power down the entire system first takes valuable time. However I think this is hardware related. 
    – dante to d snake adapter.  Wishful thinking, though with dante via when released and the Asio drivers I suspose you could use this console with latency enabled dante. Great for overflow rooms on a distributed system. 
    -stage box makes desk bigger. As stage boxes are expensive it would be awesome to have the desk become larger.  Even if processing only allowed for 8 more. If processing really is an issue then remove qu drive in in higher channel counts

    mp3 is standard on most portable profesional and non pro recorders. I’m not saying it’s good quality but it’s fine for low level bgm music playback..  as it uses smaller file sizes the throughput to the usb would be much less. Prossing on board may also be less as its dealing with less data in some respect. Sound quality obviously less.but having a client be able to give you a flash drive with the bgm for a show 5 mins before doors and you being able to play it on the console is very convient. Yamaha has had this for years With the ability to use the user keys as hot start cues for walk up stings.  it really keeps the system self contained And allows for more playback options as the qu16 certainly has the prosesing power to play a mp3.  Not sure about rights but as so many other devices allready do the same thing why would it be a problem?

    Regarding power on and off of the desk.  If if the desk is to be used on a very small gig, a proper audio person is not always around After set up. lighting guys don’t understand a power sequence. Or care as much for the audio kit. Also, from time to time foh has to be moved.  With most higher end desks the desk can be powered off without a pop.  Or in the rare case that the power is lost during a show its not a speaker damaging pop followed by no sound. In the case of powered speakers or large distributed pa systems, or having control in another room on the other side of a wall. turning off the system can take 10 mins as amps and Powered speakers can be 400 meters away on a different power source. It is common for us to use qu16 for distributed pa on different floors or several hundred meters apart. Unplugging all the xlr outputs just to be able to power off the desk is a bit of a waste if there is an easy software fix.  (Doubtful as I believe it’s power supply related) but it’s worth asking. 

    The more information on the screen the better and less learning curve as long as it’s layer out in a logical fashion. 

    Larger meters and more acurate metering on separate pages. I don’t always want to have to use an iPad and not all of my operators have access to an ipad. Larger meters are standard on a number of desks it is just a minor software change.

    Larger input count. Not really necessary as large input jobs require larger desks To be profesional in most cases However, yamaha, soundcraft and many others the stage box adds to the input capacity of the desk to a certain point.  Many desks including digico and others have given free updates that significantly expand the io capability of the desk over time. Granted they may not be in the same price range as qu16 but anything to keep a console competitive and to be the best console in its range….. As they tweak the software they might be able to get more power out of the processors. In many live situations higher channel count is more important then recording dsp.

    Automixer check out dan dugan. Amazing with 12 lav or headset mics on a corporate stage. Unstoppable for a gig I did with 34 un- Switched gooseneck mics in a conference room with all mics on at the same time. speakers 2 meters from mics pointed into them. Definitely not ideal but the dugan was amazing. Kept noise floor down and allowed for maximum gain before feedback. Gating would have been difficult to set up and not sound as good. Dan dugan products   are amazing and becoming industry standard. Behringer x air says it will have it In a later firmare update

    Not 1 to 1 patch is required for pro audio. Especially in the case of visiting engineers.  At this price point I’d like to see it because.  I may want to route a usb playback to a different channel as I need to have both playback and live at the same time. Or patch something to input 1 and 2 at the desk and then do 1 and 2 on the stage box.  Disorganization is very common in the type of events I do and having a flexible patch helps.  Even if it’s just input patch it would be helpful

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