• I got it to work!

    I got a new Sandisk 16G. Plugged it in to a ME-1 and it was not recognized. Grr….

    I plugged it into may computer (a Mac) the drive had some software preinstalled. Opend Disk Utilities and erased the drive. I also renamed from “NO NAME” to “NONAM”.

    This time, when I plugged it into the ME-1, it was recognized! I saved the…[Read more]

  • I have been trying to install a set ME-1s and I wanted to upgrade them to the latest firmware, but I cannot get any of my units to recognize any USB fob.

    Are there any tricks to this? Size limitations? I have tried new ones (4G – FAT32) and reformatted older ones (1G FAT16).

    Mark Pease
    Tech Directory
    Foothills Baptist Church
    Phoenix, AZ