• This issue was created by the pink noise generator on the console. Not sure how your phantom delays happened!

    Jeremy Moffitt

  • The Mic did not move for any of the screen shots using the RTA, all 3 of the pics would be identical if it were a reflection or a sub-optimal room (mixes 5-6. 7-8. 9-10). The pictures of the RTA are not very useful, expect to illustrate what was missing from what I originally heard in 2 of the mixes. For the rest of the photo’s, thereon I actually…[Read more]

  • The Left side of the screen is using a reference from a MR1 Audio Generator. Its comparing a direct signal from that unit to a signal which has split from that unit, to the console, and routed to every output on the desk. I can find the delay time between the direct source and the measurement source (which is the console output) and then compare…[Read more]

  • Hello all,

    Today I set up Smaart and have taken some screen shots. I’ve attached the screen shots so you can see for yourselves.

    It appears the on-board pink noise generator is suspect to creating phase issues within outputs on the console. The mix outputs themselves are actually not coherent in relation to one another. For example on the QU16…[Read more]

  • I reset the console and updated the firmware. No eq, no delay on the outputs, the two problems are on stereo outputs as well. As far as I know any EQ/delay on an output on these boards are linked. Either way, there is none in use today!

  • I don’t know that a visual representation of the latency is going to help me in this instance, unless the amount of latency pointed me in a certain direction. However, because winter months have fallen upon us, I may just bust out Smaart tomorrow and take some measurements for the heck of it.

    Thanks for the responses so far!

    Jeremy Moffitt

  • Hello all,

    2 outputs (mix 6 output, mix 10 output) on a QU16 seem to be slightly out of phase with every other output of the console. I read something about this on a forum here today about the Stage Box having a bug in the software where some latency was created on one of the stereo outputs. I proceeded to reset the console and update the…[Read more]

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