• Hey thanks heaps mate. That sorted me.
    REally appreciate the input!


  • If I duplicate a local input in the IO page: ie, make local 1: Vocal 1(channel 1) and Vocal 2 (channel 2) the compressor on vocal 2’s channel doesn’t work. It’s global direct out is set to Pst delay.

    If I go to process vocal 2 – EQ works – but no compression.

    Any insights?


  • Hey thanks heaps for the help guys. I think I’m almost there.
    Keith: your input kind of did it – but I’m having problems with processing the duplicated channel.

    I’ve made a video of the set up and the issues – thought that might be more helpful than writing a novel.
    And yes, great Keith, if we can’t sort it out from this video I’ll put in a…[Read more]

  • Thanks Scott,
    tried all you said but still no luck.

    It’s like the input split isn’t taken from post preamp. So the duplicate channel is still relying on the original.

    Everything I’ve tried still seems to be effected by the original channel fader. If Vocal 1 is up I can hear the delay assigned to Vocal 17, turn down V1 and the delay is gone.…[Read more]

  • I can’t work out how to have an FX assigned purely to my aux mixes.

    At i/o I’ve doubled almost every input in order to have completely separate mixes/processing for FOH and IEMs.
    So for example, local in 1 is: inp 1 – Vocal FOH as well as inp 17 – Vocal IEM…. etc.

    If I feed 17 Vox IEM into FX4 I don’t get anything in Mix1 (IEMs) unless I…[Read more]

  • Hey thanks Alex. I won’t open a new ticket mate. I’ve sold the desk and am in the middle of trying to work out what the next one is.

    Can you tell me tho: If I use the SQ as an interface to run E-drums through Superior drummer will i be able to record SQdrive at the same time?

    Cheers mate.

  • Hey thanks Alex. I realised once I hit ‘post’ it all sounded a little bitter. (;

    Iv’e been using the QU in the studio as an interface with no dramas – love it. It’s the Q drive recording issue I’m really bummed about (me and plenty others right?). I did put a ticket in a while back, but to no avail. (in a nutshell: I cant keep buying flash drives…[Read more]

  • Hi guys.
    I’m looking at moving for a few reasons and hope to get some light shed:

    1. QU usb recording sucks. We rely on it to mix our live shows and it’s just useless now. How’s the SQ?

    2. Also want to clarify: the SQ’s 48 channels: these are patchable inputs with their own processing?
    The QU is one to one right, which is really limited for…[Read more]

  • Hi all.

    Hoping someone can help. I can’t work out how to have different mix parameters on different mix busses.

    If I change an EQ or a name or anything else on LR mix it effects Mix 9-10, 7-8 etc. (and vice versa)

    I’ve seen it work before. I’m figuring i’ve flicked a global switch somewhere but can’t find the answer in the manual.

    Thanks…[Read more]

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