• Hi Ben,
    I can assure you that there has was a long line of correspondence between us and you guys when the iLive pre amp failures were happening which only started after a post on your forum after having no luck with the Australian distributor, TAG, and being fed the standard responses. We have since just dealt with the same distributor with…[Read more]

  • Hi batManu,
    The distributor here arranged the 24v mod for us. We had regular failures with these and were told it was something we were doing wrong and the mod was done without us knowing while they were in for repair. The mod did seem to fix this problem but the 4 iLives we have in stock all have other problems now as well as the ones…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the heads up Darren. This is a minor problem in comparison to the problems we have with these things now. Funny that only our 112s have continual issues but we have never had a problem with the R72s. I am at the end of my tether with this stuff now.

  • Hi all, we are experiencing problems with both our T112 surfaces and wondering if anyone else has the same. When using the GEQ fader flip button the faders on the middle bank will go to random positions and will keep changing everytime you hit the button. The only way we can run these consoles now is to use the touchscreen only which is a pain…[Read more]

  • We have the same problem occasionally with both of our T112 surfaces but never with the R72 surfaces. We operate in Australia and it happens in the middle of our summer as much as winter, day or night so I don’t think temperature has anything to do with it. We simply turn it off and on until it comes good.Not a great option but it gets us out of trouble

  • Has anyone had problems with iLive iDR preamp failures. We have had a run of failures and it is proving to be costly for repairs. A&H originally said we were the only ones with this problem and now say ” We’ve found that sometimes these kind of problems can be caused by hot plugging condenser microphones when +48v is enabled”. It would be the…[Read more]