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    Hi Keith

    To me, H&H is really missing an opportunity leaving the SQ fader-less (whatever you want to call it) field to competitors. Q PAC is not an alternative for people that are looking for sound quality even in small venues. H&H was the first offering a 96Khz machine on a middle-low level size/market, and a 24/32CH fader less version of SQ (great Mixer) with its sound quality would have been a smash.
    Last year you said that the fader-less version was not in your plan, now you confirm the same line and – again – I personally think you are very wrong. In the meantime, I’ve bought a rack mixer from an H&H competitor, but I still keep on expecting you change your position on the subject.

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    Thanks Keith
    I’ll keep following your moves!
    Take care

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    Hi Emanuel

    I’m pretty well aware that UI24R is a limited piece of gear, that is why I was looking for a step above rack format mixer that still has to come on the market. Again I’m not a pro sound man and the usage of my mixer would be primarily on stage with no sound man and limited space & Time resources, therefore renouncing to physical faders to me it’s not a stress, but on the other hand I would like to have not a toy but a well sounding mixer.
    SQ seems to have all the qualities I’m searching in a mixer, except for the format. Medium/High quality mixer in a small and practical package with enough inputs to manage a small/mid band with no extra gear.
    Thank you for your point on the UI24R, think there’s nothing I can do but playing with that toy till something new come up.
    Hope A&H will not miss the opportunity to say something really news in the 2k Rack Format segment… Uhmmm… may be Keith is not online working on the new SQ-Rack… Xmas surprise! Keith?… don’t forget our wish list!

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    Hi Steffen

    1) SQ-5 Too big… and only 16 in
    2) QSC No recallable preamp

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    To EmanKant

    I agree in toto with your rack digital mixer market close examination, with the exception of your view on the X32 Rack.
    Although my position on Behringer product is aligned with yours, X32 rack cannot be considered in a different market segment; at least price is saying that.
    Firstly I have to say that I’m not a Sound Pro, therefore I don’t live with music but as a musician I understand most of the issues connected with music tech.
    This given and keeping it basic I would add to your list:

    * 22/24 Inputs (16 XLR/TRS pres are ok) Target not accomplished with the QUPAC
    * ON BOARD MTK REC/PLAY MANAGEMENT along with MTK song management Target poorly accomplished with the QUPAC- Not only virtual soundcheck
    * GOOD SOUNDING (This involves 96Khz – FX quality – and presets ) Target partially accomplished win the QUPAC
    * OFF LINE EDITING Target not accomplished win the QUPAC
    * An easy to use and complete GUI (a mix between the UI24R gui and X32 gui) Target not accomplished with the QUPAC
    * Reliable WI FI connection

    Basically no rack mixers now available on the market are meeting this target and that is why I was wondering if A&H was planning to put SQ sound engine on a rack with these features. So I’m torn between mixers that partially answer to my needing where I will be ready to pay something between 1,5K and 2K for a such a kind of gear.
    Since A&H will not come out with a rack mounted format of the SQ what is your suggestion? I would say spend as less as possible (ui24R) and wait…

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    Hi Showtime

    Bad day ain’t ? … a bunch of people who dare to say silly things and – upon request – also to answer! Ah too bad… a Sound Pro like you forced to read such a bunch of nonsense…
    Don’t know if you are part of A&H Group… (hope not), nevertheless I kindly ask you to be patient 🙂

    In order:

    1) I was just answering a Keith question and that is my confirmed answer. Do you have different views on the subject? Entitled to write your wish list!
    2) Obvious that my point is personal as any other point of my list! can you accept it? By the way the Bentley thing, was more a joke to say that I don’t like Qu Pac/Sb shape.
    3) Concerning your suggestion to change business, actually it’s not in my plan, but I have to tell you that music is just an hobby for me… that is why I’m taking it very easy… May I go on and live with my hobby or do I have to ask you a permission? My regular job has often to do with fresh and stuck up souls… so my dispute with you is nothing new.
    4) Let me say this: thirty years ago cars were not featuring functions as cruise control, automatic wipers, automatic gear. Now if I have to buy a car I do want all this options on my next new car and this does not mean I’m not able to use a manual gear or keep the distance from the other cars… it’s called technology making your life easier…

    By the way… I can afford two Rolls Royce [one for the mixer and one for the extra rack] but the places where I have fun with music have no room enough to park ‘em! 🙂
    In the end… my suggestion:
    Enjoy your job, you are a lucky man, you live with music a common language that has thousand of dialects and unwritten rules and where there are no newbees… Use all the senses that you have available (not only earing) and respect other people thought.
    End of my arguing there will be no more replies.

    Take care

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    Hi Keith
    I’m not surprised that you are receiving quite a few information requests concerning a future SQ-Rack. If you exclude the Pro User segment, more and more people are getting confident with virtual fader approach giving a chance to such a kind of format in the <2k price segment.
    I’m considering the two rack brothers in the QU line, but as you can easily imagine while in the process to buy something new you first take look at what is new on the market.
    Now here’s the list of my wishes:

    1) INPUTS 16 PRES XLR/TRS Input + 6 LINE Mono INPUT ( 22/24 seems to be the exact needing required by most users so that you can manage most venues without extra HW)
    2) Capacity to handle at least 32 channels just in case you need to enrich with prerecorded tracks your performances.
    3) On BOARD 32/32 MTK and PLAY BACK facility to SD OR USB with no laptop. Number of tracks not limited to physical input.
    4) Easy Show / Scenes management – everything that could make life easier during a show with or without mix man.
    5) Song management SW (with an easy IOS interface) to manage both stereo track and/or Multitrack (In other words a show is made of a list of songs, and songs are group of tracks)
    6) 96 Khz which on paper should correspond to audio quality improvement
    7) Reliable WI FI router on board (useless if the router on board is low quality)
    8) Reliable and Easy operations mobile GUI
    9) Room and system tuning facilities plus RTA
    10) Sound Presets
    11) Good Pres
    12) Good FX engine
    13) And finally a “regular rack” … Don’t know if you hired a Bentley manager to design the Qu SB and Pac but they are as non-functional as the Midas M32R. May be Pininfarina could do a best job… LOL

    Guess the next move is on Behringer side.. the X32 – although it has been a game changer – now is suffering the years, they are just milking the cow with the new Sd card… until someone will launch something really new… will it be you?

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