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    Hello there! Does anyone has this problem of V1.6 booting longer than the V1.5? When I first updated it, I thought it hanged but I decided to wait a little longer. And it booted after that. So it did take a while to boot up. Anyone the same??

    I’m using iLive 176, iDR10 mixrack, and Galileo 616 processor.

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    Originally posted by Klaus

    first post, greetings to everyone [:)]
    I’m checking out editor 1.61 on a mac offline, anyone on a mac here ?



    Hi I’m Mac user on 1.61 editor running iLive 176, LCRSub + FFills, Port B MADI and Galileo 616. Nice to meet you all!! [:D]

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    Originally posted by bucks

    Hi Josias,

    The maximum number of connections for any part of the iLive system is 20. However in connecting a surface and touch screen computer to a rack 2 connections are used on each node, therefore I think 18 Editor sessions is the upper limit …. however there is an inherent load placed on the rack with each additional editor connected which will have the affect of lowering the frame rate of the system, not to mention at 18 sessions you are probably over the ethernet limit for 10 Base T and 80211b.

    So with that many connections I suspect the surface response would be sluggish.

    The multicast work being done for 1.60 should address this issue and allow the full number of connections to not affect the responsiveness of the system, but your 3rd party networking H/W will need to be compliant for this to work.

    Hope this helps


    What the system can do, and how it behaves real-time is a different story altogether. Imagine 20 computers accessing the sound console at any one time – I guess the router, or network card will be ‘fried’!! Expect a ‘hang’ or lag in response to the controls.

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    Originally posted by kentlowt

    We are using our system with the console(112T) at FOH and a couple of computers for monitor control connected to a single IDR48. You definitely have to work out the gain sharing and defining who can touch what but, after that it works good.


    YEah. We use the iLive 176 and when the musicians come for prac we’d adjust the stage monitors via a laptop on the stage. That saves us frm running all the way back to the FOH position to do it. Just make sure during ‘live’ performance both Mon and FOH operator does not touch the same fader at the same time. This is true especially if you’re in ‘Mix’ mode.

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    Originally posted by mamel

    Hello Walter,
    that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. The user should be able to store and recall scenes. But I want to prevent one Scene as the “Initial Scene” to be safe from beeing overwritten. This scene holds all the routing stuff, EQs and so on for the house system…


    I don’t know if this answers your question. When we first got our iLive mixer, the Enginneer did a good job with the initial configuration, so we saved the ‘Scene’ in 1st saved slot. We saved this ‘scene’ into a particular ‘Show”. We saved this ‘Show + Scene’ into a USB Flash-Drive. Go to ‘Permissions’ and configure what ‘Other Users’ can have access to yr iLive. Hence, they can use other ‘Shows’ and ‘scenes’ you give to them – and not the ‘important’ Shows & Scenes you have stored. No one can touch those, cos the ‘Permissions’ wo’t let them. Hope this is clear to you.

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    Originally posted by grahamwhite

    @selfmade – The compression is nowhere near musical enough. If i am doing a conference or something unimportant then i will use the onboard comps. However for A-list artistes like Mariah Carey something this abrupt and harsh is not acceptable!

    I know digi compression does work ok, for instance Horace Ward is using everything onboard the Digidesign Profile FOH for the Beyonce tour …. zero outboard!

    And regarding using a DBX160 as “Far too much for live” – This is classed as one of the most basic, transparent sounding comps for the money, this is an obvious choice for a basic compressor for live…

    … given the choice i would much rather have a 160SL or XTA D2 but budget and supply in some of the backwards foreign counties i tour mean that this is not always possible.

    DBX160’s are like Starbucks coffee shops… you can easily find one in every city!

    I strongly think that the future of iLive is letting 3rd parties develop plugins and then being able to store them on an iLok key, of course there would have to be a cost involved but this cost would only be a fraction to that of actually buying a rack of classic outboard gear.


    It’s all up to choice and preference actually, iLive did make a good mixer in a ‘box’. We just installed it less than a month now and it sounds great! Of course we can install any outboard effects if we feel iLive cannot give what we want but overall we love the iLive. Have fun guys!![:D]

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    Originally posted by Stealth

    Hi Mark

    What router are you using?

    is there anything else apart from the iLive system & Laptop plugged into the router?

    Can you try using Static IP addresses for all of the devices on the network to see if this fixes the problem.

    We recommend you set your IP settings up as follows:
    MixRack Sub mask
    TouchScreen 192168.1.3
    We recommend you set:
    Laptop Sub mask

    Has the stage rack got DHCP capabilities ie can it assign ip’s to devices? Or which item has these capabilites if any?
    No the mixrack, surface and touchscreen cannot distribute DHCP, Each device can recieve their IP settings by DHCP.

    When setting up the router i selected the DHCP server icon, thinking it will need this to assign ip to Q1 Ultra running editor. Is this causing a mix up within the live family?
    As long as your DHCP range is not conflicting with the IP addresses of any other device on the network this should not be a problem. But try setting the Q1 to a static address as shown above.

    Let me know if it helps when using Static IP addresses

    Sam A&H

    Yep. My Router is set at And when I power up my laptop, my Router ‘gives’/assigns my laptop the address, So my laptop reads . No conflicts there. And my network connection runs well on my iLive 176. I use a laptop to run my stage monitors this way. Of course, wired would be best – but that’s what going ‘wireless’ is for!

    I’m not that good with networks, but my TEch crew configured the Router’s IP to (it is by default!) We do not want this since the Mixrack is and so forth. As long as the Router’s IP is something other than these. Hope it goes well with yours.

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