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    Thank you, I did find that the same thing seemed to also apply to the knob below also not labelled as also having the ST2 function – the ‘FX to MIX’ on the Zedi10FX’ also functions as ‘ST2 to MIX’ like I had been using the Zedi10 for.

    I bought them both a couple years ago to have one fixed and one for playing out, but only finally woke up the FX now to duplicate what I’d prepared and found that confusing labelling difference (ultimately not needing the effects). But frankly a note to your company, why not label the knobs on the FX as having both functions! or clearly state it in the manual!! The main reason to have these is the 4×4 USB functionality!! Two+ years later there’s still no other high quality small mixer with 4×4 – a HUGE benefit for me – so clearly labelling the USB functionality seems like should be the highest priority…. at least for the dummies :-).

    Thanks again, cheers.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)