• So, the kit exists, according to A&H tech, but getting it in my country was impossible! It technically would have cost me €35 a set (needed 2) and A&H UK told me to talk to their distributor in my country and purchase it from them!

    I got in touch with them, they told me it is available, gave me the price, I agreed and put in a written order. T…[Read more]

  • I hate to bring up the dead 😛 but I am having issues with some preamps on an iDR 48. Also I was wondering if you can direct me to that 10 euro kit to fix these preamps. I have the tools and the skills just not sure what parts i need to order!

    I’d really appreciate your help! Also, if you ever made that video about it, I would love to get a l…[Read more]

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