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    to answer your question earlier,

    Do you have to do all the recording by yourself or is another person involved?
    Do you have access to an USB audio interface additional to the QU-16?

    I am doing the recordings by myself, and it’s pretty busy, so I would like to involve some other person.
    I think I mentioned above (maybe not) that this issue might not be technicality issue,
    but relationship / political issues between people and departments.
    There are so much more to say why I need to monitor this particular feed,
    but I will save it for everyone’s sake. hell, I don’t even want to think about it anymore either.

    I have an old audio interface that is connected to pc for live stream.

    All the equipment is old, donated, second hand, under spec, etc.
    As well as lack of professional knowledge of show staff members.



    I know what I suggested works fine. I do it that way.
    It seems that your problem is really you not the gear.


    I am giving up explaining. You can think whichever way you want.

    Sound engineers tend to have fairly object point of view for everything because of the works they do.
    At least I tend to maintain that attitude as hard as I can.
    but I guess that’s not all true for some people.

    You do it your way, and I’m sure it works fine for you. No harm for that.
    It just does not mean it has to work for everybody else.

    The most you can do here is to advice, not dictate nor force.
    Things might work or might not work depending on situations,
    and there is no way to explain the whole situation here and there is no need for that.
    If your advice works, fine then.
    If not, oh well. Things could be different halfway around the globe.

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    I am not ignoring any advises, I just want to be clear on that.
    I guess I was stressed but basically,
    What I wanted was pretty simple.

    If this can be done, I wanted to know. if so, how it can be done.
    If this can’t be done, I wanted to know. if not, future possibilities.

    You all helped me out on this and I am very grateful, and I want to say thanks for everything.
    No hard feelings and no offense to anyone.

    But as this stuff gets deeper I couldn’t help getting this feeling
    That says ‘why do you HAVE TO HAVE that?’ ‘You don’t need that’
    and when it reached there, I was a little uncomfortable.
    Of course I could have misinterpreted the intention and I want to apologize if I did.

    but to give a little more details on the facility that I am working,
    This particular facility is non government, non charity organization that seriously lacks financial support.
    QU 16 is probably the most recent and one of the most expensive equipment on this facility.
    Everything else is made up of donations, giveaways and so called put-together stuffs.
    and yet, there has to be a bilingual live show that requires 2 track recording as well as multitrack recording.

    you might want to ask so many questions upto this point
    Let’s just say they lack of finances and staff members as well as time, full of workloads, and seriously lack of tech staffs, and let’s just leave it at that.
    They all have their own way of working things out, and me trying to explain things just doesn’t work.
    It also does not help that I am not the head of this facility to be able to say ‘let’s just do it my way’
    So I ended up coming up with all these crazy ideas and had to ask here for some help.
    Heck, I have one live show, and doing 4 different recordings on one show, with all junkyard equipment
    because everyone wanted things in slight different way.
    so yeah, it is not the tech problem, but it is a relationship problem I guess, in a way.


    I hope this answers some of your curiosity on my situations.
    Not so skilled staffs with crappy machines with fancy ideas. No offense to them either,
    But I just have to be really precise, detailed, prepared in this facility
    so it was..

    hope this helped us to understand better one another.
    thanks guys

    PS> How to you red underline a specific user? I just copy the name and put @ and , but like you see above, it works sometimes and it doesn’t sometimes.

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    I don’t mean any offense to any of you guys out there who tried to help me but

    Just because I said I am rather new to DAW thing, it does not mean I do not have any knowledge about it.
    Call me old school but I like to have things ready for every cases and every scenario possible.
    I’ve worked in many situations, learned and decided that I need to be prepared,
    because people will think and do all kinds of stuff to mess things up.

    Yes I know you don’t HAVE TO HAVE a live monitor for digital mix on the computer
    Yes I know I can monitor these specific channels through QU
    Yes I know I can edit later
    Yes I know it is ok as long as it does not clip
    I totally know what you guys are trying to tell me
    I already know them
    But that’s not how I work
    Call me crazy, call me old school, you can call me whatever you want
    but I am a bit of a perfectionist myself, and I like to keep it that way.

    I’ve already explained what I need to do
    It’s ok if it is not doable, just knowing it that it can’t be done on PC is ok as well
    or if there is a workaround like keith mentioned, it is good as well

    It just seemed pretty straightforward that you need to be able to listen to what you are recording,
    Whether you
    I guess most of you are mixing and recording on your own,
    But things might be different in different world, if you didn’t already know that.
    Mixer and recording PC can be 50 feet apart from each other.
    Would you still tell the recording guy to monitor from the mixer?

    For 20 years of being in this business,
    like I said above,
    You always have to have everything ready,
    You always need to have a backup
    Because things that you think it might happen will happen,
    and what you can’t even think of will happen as well.

    But I am glad to find out
    that there are still good friends who are willing to help
    and this is not so easy to do with current system


    @KeithJ A&H

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Good to know how A&H put it’s philosophy into QU and understand the intensions on it.
    I already checked the knowledgebase before you replied,
    and I’ve been busy to checkout the workaround, but I sure will check them out.

    Thanks guys

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    you are seeing the shortcoming of your pc DAW AND drivers for it

    you might find a separate ap to run that would allow what you want to do
    but I suspect that it would conflict with the way the DAW driver is written
    as they are mostly meant to copy streaming while you listen to it

    WHAT opsys are you using

    win8 crippled sound and win 10 killed it dead
    you might find a linux distro that works okay


    I am starting to think that these are the things make people to migrate to Mac.
    This particular system is with Win 10,
    with on board soundcard and cannot afford seperate audio interface due to some financial conflicts.
    Not to mention linux is out of the option due to internal problem of this facility.

    If there was a way
    to convert the input ASIO signal to WDM
    and route it back to cakewalk for listening it would have been possible
    but it seems like no DAW supports this kind of function.

    I can use the QU for monitor
    but that’s possible because I will be doing the live show as well as multi recording.
    How will people do it if they have a separate personnel to do live show and recording?
    Is it really a thing with PC?

    You also mentioned that I might find a separate app. do you happen to know any?
    I use an app called virtual cable from voicemeeter to help out youtubers to direct sound from various places to OBS.

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    Hmmmmm this DAW thing still confuses me.
    I didn’t think PC (or DAW) does not need to send any information to QU, but I could be wrong.

    What I thought was

    I get track info from QU and I record them with DAW

    I don’t need to send signals back QU
    but I need to send signals to audio card in the PC

    Hence the one way, in my logic, but I guess I didn’t understand the mechanism to the full amount.



    The problem is your DAW and pc driver not the Qu.
    And I note one way recording is very easy with any of them.
    But you want to ALSO send out which makes things two way not one way.

    I vaguely recall that I had used a DAW that let me record 2 channels while also listening to it.
    The problem may be the large number of channels you have so the DAWs you used do not allow it to stop overloading the pc ability.

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    You are correct that all the other products being the same.
    I tried pro tools, studio one, all of them free versions but they were the same.
    Cakewalk had the most detailed settings in my opinion actually.

    But, like you said, they were all the same. No playback.
    and I have live situation going on while doing multi track recording, so I wouldn’t add too much complexity.
    I don’t mind complexity, but I am very short on time until the show so…

    and yes, I did understand your suggestion on monitoring with QU
    it seems like multi channels on pc are only affected by the gain settings and not others including faders, gate, EQ, even compressor.
    So I think I will monitor them through QU.

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    Very simple answer. Thank you very much!
    I am trying other DAW softwares

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    Hey thanks for the help
    But I am not sure I understand, can you give a little more detail please?
    I’ve been in the business for a long time, but this DAW thing is still pretty new to me.

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    Thanks guys, you guys are great!! =b
    Just for the curiosity, how do I add the audio process to the recording?

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    Here’s a thought.
    Recording situation stated above was post EQ and other processing.
    Processed sound was recorded.

    What about recording unprocessed sound?
    Would it be different if I record a sample without any processing
    But the proper gain adjustment only?

    Would that be suitable for sound check purpose?

    Apparently it is very hard to find any information related to this issue.

    If it is completely an absurd idea, and impossible to make it happen,
    Please somebody let me know 🙂
    Because I am dying to make this happen.

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    Thanks guys
    It helps a lot
    I will try a few more tries and see what happens

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    Thank you for clarification.
    What I would like to know is
    The reason behind the tonal difference
    Because I have set everything the same
    And nothing was touched.
    Gain, eq, main out, monitor out
    Everything remained the same
    And these goes through the same system
    As well as same preamp to same fader.

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