• It would be nice to have an indicator on the console and in Director, such as changing the mix color, when someone is using OneMix for a particular mix. We only have maybe a 1/3 of the people doing their own mix, and that changes from week to week. I currently manually change the colors from week to week so the monitor tech knows who is mixing.

  • We are running a PC with Director for our Monitor “Console”, with a S7000 at FoH. We have an Aux set up for the Monitor desk, which we listen to via PAFL, in order to get the channel PAFL’s as well. I just loaded 1.8 and have the PAFL set to mix the Monitor Aux. I have the Aux PAFL level balanced with the channel level, but when I turn the PAFL…[Read more]

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    We use a dual monitor Director PC as our “Monitor Desk”, so being able to time sync to the PC would solve the problem.

  • Attempting to set up a monitor role. Running a 7000 at FoH and a DM64. We don’t have a 2nd surface for the monitors, but will be running them through a PC with Director. All is pretty much set up, but the question being is there anyway to make VSC work through the monitor split? VSC is set for channels 1-64, but the channels for the monitors are…[Read more]

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