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    I have a few feature suggestions for dLive.

    1.) Thunderbolt option card for the dLive system.

    2.) Ability to view Waves Multirack on The right screen. Control of Multirack on the touchscreen would be fantastic. This feature would be great for Dante as well… (Like KVM switch on Midas but through ip network?)

    3.) Macro’s or Event’s would be very beneficial.

    4.) A way to use a soft key to cue an external DAW. For example, use soft key 1 to start DAW recording.

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    I have a few suggestions for the next software update.

    1. Multiband compressors and Dynamic EQ
    2. Better WSG integration (i.e. using console touchscreen to manipulate WSG like digico consoles)
    3. Spill/populate feature like on the Midas consoles. (i.e. when you push select button for a group or DCA on CS the corresponding inputs channels on that group/DCA propagate on the left fader bank)
    4. Playback from USB drive.
    5. Record to USB drive feature.

    Thanks A&H!! Love the product and sound quality.

    Chris Cherry
    Technical Director
    First Assembly Lake City
    iDR-48, xDR-16, T80, Dante, MMO, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)