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    I don’t use the “playstore” and want to keept it that way. Could you link the beta apk on your site?

    How can I donate if I don’t use amazon or google plaything?


    Happens to me also every time. Really, every time. What changes is how many tries I need until I get a stable connection (between like 3 and 15). After that the app works really very good!


    Seems to be a very young trainee programmer changing the specs of the interface for each firmware release… Volume up or down? Hmm… let’s change that so that I have to build a new app version 🙂


    I have to reconnect like 10 or 15 times until I get a stable connect. All other connects behave just like Bob explained. At first I thought it was the router. But the app behaves the same with the second one. Never had this problem when mixing with the iPad.

    Thanks for your work!


    Please add HPF and LPF to the mixes…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)