• The current church network doesn’t have the capability of seperate VLANs, however that upgrade is also in the works, and I plan on having our IT guy set up a VLAN just for Dante, when that happens.

    We are wanting to record and use Dante Controller on the PC that is on the church network, along with using the network to send audio to the GLD in…[Read more]

  • Our Church is looking to add a Dante card for our iLive system in our Sanctuary and for our GLD system in our fellowship hall. The plan is to be able to multi track, do virtual sound check and also be able to send audio between to two rooms as needed.

    our iLive configuration is:
    T112 Surface, with and IDR48 mix rack, we have a older Lynksys…[Read more]

  • I thought about the Waves card, but was told by our rep that the Waves card was for plug ins only? I didn’t think that was right. Does Waves require any other special hardware/software other than the DAW.

    Another thing, which would be more universal for this set up Waves or Dante? I was thinking Dante would be more universal, and easier for…[Read more]

  • Thinking about this more. Would I run the from each Dante card to a switch, then connect the multi-tracking PC to the switch? How would the combining of the 2 cards work on the network to give 128×128?

    Mike Harper
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  • Awesome, That should work out perfect.

    Mike Harper
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  • Working with a Church Client, on upgrading to a dLive system. They currently run 2 separate iLive 80 surfaces one for FOH with and IDR10 and the other for Recording with an IDR0. They want to be able to do multi tracking and I was thinking that Dante would be the easiest option for that. Is it possible to do Dante with more than 64 inputs,…[Read more]

  • We have a customer who currently is running 2 iLive-80 surfaces, 1 IDR-10, & 1 IDR-0 at their church.

    IDR-10 & iLive-80 for FOH
    IDR-0 & iLive-80 for recording

    Is there a way to do a similar set up with dLive? Is it Possible with 1 mix rack and 2 surfaces? is there a way to use 2 mix racks with a digital split for dLive?


  • a Church that I’ve been helping out with their audio system is having a boot loop on one of their iLive 80 surfaces.
    Their set is:
    iLive 80 @ FOH
    iLive 80 @ Recording/video room
    IDR 48 for Live
    IDR 0 – digital split to recording.

    We received an email from them the other day stating that their iLive 80 in their recording room was boot looping.…[Read more]

  • Our church has an iLive T112 with IDR48 mix rack, firmware 1.94. I’ve never used the side chain on the compressors, whether on the iLive or any other console or analog compressor. We run our drums with 3 mics Kick and 2 overheads. What I’m wondering is can we use the side chain on the 2 overhead channel compressors to tame extra loud cymbals…[Read more]

  • That thread is basically what we are wanting to do, except a GLD80 instead of the QU. Thanks. The reason why I was looking at using a switch is I wanted to always have the connections plugged in, that way a tech wouldn’t be needed for everything and the console could just be plugged in and turned on for a dinner or something similar where just a…[Read more]

  • Our Church is looking at doing some upgrading in our Fellowship hall/Youth room. We are looking at a GLD80 with an AR2412, we would like to have 2-3 different mix locations in the room where we can plug in the mixer/surface and have the AR2412 in a rack back stage. If I am reading this link correctly, we should be able to do this with a network…[Read more]

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