iLive 101 – Working with Scenes

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iLive has 250 Scene memories. These are ‘snapshots’ of all or a selection of the live mixing parameters. They do not store the DSP bus configuration and user preferences.

The quickest way to work with Scenes is to store everything. Touch Store All to store all parameters to the Scene. Touch Recall to overwrite the current iLive settings with the contents of the memory. Once a Scene has contents stored a green tick is displayed next to its name.

For more advanced applications you can choose what parameters to put into a Scene so that only those are overwritten. Touch Edit To open the list of available parameters. Use the + and – buttons to expand or collapse the list, and the View buttons to select parameters by type or channel. You can make Single or Multiple selections. Highlight your selection and touch Add to add them to the Scene list on the right. You can add and remove items from the Scene, and update selected items already in the Scene with the current console settings. When you have finished editing the contents Return to the Scene Manager page. Touch Update to update just the existing contents of a Scene with the current console settings. Unlike Store All, this does not add everything to the Scene.

You can copy, paste and delete Scenes. Highlight a Scene in the list and touch Copy. Highlight another Scene and touch Paste. The contents of the first Scene are pasted into the second. The name is not copied. You can use copy/paste to quickly set up several Scenes with the same content list, and then use Update to store different parameter settings for each as the sound check or show progresses.

Reorder mode lets you re-arrange the 250 Scenes by moving, copying, deleting them or clearing their contents.

Note – Scenes do not include the Mix Configuration and some User Preferences.

Note – The Patchbay is treated as a single item. Recalling a Scene with the patch bay included overwrites all input, insert and output patching.

Scene Recall Safes

Scene Recall Safes let you make input channels, mix masters, or selected parameters ‘safe’ so that their settings are not overwritten when a Scene is recalled. Use the Safes Map in the SCENES screen to set any combination of channel, Mix, DCA or Patchbay Scene recall safes. Quick select is available to safe whole channels or one parameter across all channels.

Alternatively, hold down the SCENE SAFES key and press the strip MIX keys on channels you want to make safe. The SAFE icon in the strip LCDs turns on for channels whose parameters are all made safe.

Note – The mic preamp is included in channels made safe. You need to be aware that preamps can be patched to more than one channel, or used as sources to other parts of the system which may not be associated with the channel you want to make safe but the preamp will be safe for all.

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