iLive 101 – User Profiles

2013/09/06 in

iLive lets you set up and work with up to 8 ‘User Profiles’. To set up User Profiles go to the TouchScreen UTILITY / Configuration / Edit User Profiles page.

You can set permissions and a password for each profile to restrict operator access to certain functions. The ‘Admin’ user (Administrator) has access to all functions and can set permissions and allocate passwords if required for the other users. Up to 7 guest users may be configured and activated. A ‘Start Scene’ can be set for each user – this is only recalled when the User is changed.

To set User Profiles touch a User button. Use the onscreen keypad to enter a user Name and add a Comment. Set a Password if required. Touch Set Permissions to enable or disable access to certain functions. Activate any user profiles you want to appear in the Change User or log in screen.

Note – Only set passwords if you really need to. Make sure you keep a log of all passwords allocated. Clearing lost passwords requires resetting internal jumpers and clearing the memories.

To log in as a different user go to the TouchScreen UTILITY page and touch the Change User button. If a password has been set then you are prompted to enter it when you turn the system on or lock or unlock the Surface.

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