iLive 101 – The Utility screen

2013/09/11 in

The UTILITY screen provides access to many setup, diagnostic and user preference functions. They are grouped into pages according to function type. Some of these functions may not be available if the current User Profile has functions deactivated.

Touch the Lock Surface button to disable the Surface controls to prevent uninvited operation while the console is left unattended, for example during intermission or after sound check before the show. A popup appears to confirm you want to do this. If a password has been set for the current user then the touch keyboard appears prompting password entry.

Touch the Power Down button to power down the TouchScreen computer before turning the system off. A popup appears for you to confirm that you want to do this. The popup also gives you the option to restart just the onboard TouchScreen computer.

  • Configuration page Provides access to the memory management, time setup and MIDI settings.
  • Diagnostics page Provides status and diagnostic information, screen calibration utility and access to Event Logs. These log certain key events such as power, boot and memory activity as well as system errors if they occur. They provide a useful aid in diagnosing the system in the event of a problem. If a yellow triangle warning icon appears in the lower toolbar of any screen or a red cross appears in the Status screen while using the system then go to the Event Logs to view the error. Once viewed the yellow triangle and red cross will disappear. If you need assistance with the error, you can plug in a USB key and use the Store to USB button at the top of the screen to transfer the logs to a PC to email them to your local Tech Support team.
  • Firmware page Lets you check the current system firmware versions and load in new firmware using a USB key. The TouchScreen, Surface and MixRack should all run the same version of firmware. If not the system would fail to connect and would prompt you to view and update its firmware during the boot up process. Check our website for the latest version of iLive firmware, update instructions and Release Notes. The update process is quick and easy: it automatically identifies firmware present on your USB key, checks if it is different to that currently loaded, and prompts you to install it.
  • Network page Lets you view and change the system unit names and network settings.

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