iLive 101 – The iLive concept

2013/08/14 in

Back in 2002 Allen & Heath launched the iDR series of programmable, digital signal processing for fixed installation and live sound. iLive inherits the same concept of a scalable, networkable DSP ‘brain’ with a host of control options.

iLive is more than a mixer: it’s a distributed audio and control system. This unique approach separates the mix engine from the control surface, putting the audio and DSP where it is needed. We call it a big happy family of products, where the DSP rack ‘brain’ can be controlled by MIDI, TCP/IP, a PC or Mac running the free Editor software, PL remote devices, iOS devices, and Surfaces.

iLive diagram

All racks and surfaces, big and small, work with each other. This mix ‘n match approach offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Choice of modular or fixed I/O to suit the budget and application
  • Flexible PA company hire inventory
  • 1 software, 1 language, with USB transfer of Show and Library data between systems – you can use your files today on the flagship modular 176, tomorrow on the rack-mountable R72.

iLive develops all the advantages of going digital one step further: distribution and control, integration, memories and data backup, configurability and more. With a couple of flight-cases you will be carrying around a 64ch mixer, an FX rack with 8 stereo effects, an EQ rack with 32 graphic equalizers, a dynamic rack with 64 gates, 96 compressors and 96 limiters, plus 96 delays, complete automation, distribution system and stagebox.

And as you probably know, iLive has built a reputation for touring reliability and outstanding audio performance. Several thousands of systems are working hard in countless applications all around the world including touring, theatres, houses of worship, live venues, TV studios.

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