iLive 101 – Talkback system

2013/09/04 in

iLive provides a fully featured engineer’s Talkback system with dedicated Talk keys. It is quick to assign to the outputs without the need to access screen menus. The Surface has a built-in Talkback
microphone input and there are several options for setting up the system the way you want to work.

Press the TALK key to talk to the destinations currently assigned. Use the SURFACE SETUP / Preferences screen to set either momentary (hold down to talk) or latching (press to turn on, press again to turn off). Latching operation may be preferred if you are using a handheld mic with built-in switch.

To assign Talkback, hold down the TB ASSIGN key, then press the MIX keys on the fader strips of the output masters you wish to talk to. The MIX key blue indicators light to display the current talkback destinations. Alternatively, you can assign Talkback using the MIXRACK SETUP / Talkback / Assignment page. Here you can also set the Talkback Source, typically the Surface Talkback socket.

Communication between FOH and Monitor systems

iLive presents many possibilities for arranging communication between the FOH and stage positions in a dual console application. Signals can be transported between the systems using the Port B digital audio link, and mapped to mixes and sockets at either end. For example:

  • FOH talk to musicians on stage Use the Surface Talkback system. Plug in a switched handheld microphone and choose the latched TALK switch preference. Assign TB to a spare FOH Aux mix. Route that Aux via Port B and assign it to a channel on the Monitor system. This becomes the FOH to stage talkback enabled at FOH using the TALK switch.
  • FOH talk to monitor engineer Assign the same Surface Talkback mic as the Ext Input source to another spare mix (Do not use TB assign as above). Route that mix via Port B to the Monitor system and select it as the Ext Talk to PAFL source on that system. This becomes the FOH talk to monitor when the handheld mic is switched on. It is not affected by the FOH TALK switch which can be turned off when the engineers want to talk to each other and not the musicians.
  • Monitor talk to FOH engineer Similarly, the Monitor Surface Talkback can be assigned to Port B and selected as the Ext Talk to PAFL at the FOH console. These signals can also be mapped to available output sockets if you want to use independent local loudspeakers for engineer communication.

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