iLive 101 – Surface Setup

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You can assign the channels, mix masters, DCA group masters and Wedge/IEM masters to the Surface strips in any combination. Changes to the strip assignments can be made on the fly during the show and stored in the Scene memories for different ‘layouts’ for different bands or scenes. Being able to ‘design’ your own console together with the ability to name and colour the channels gives iLive its unique flexibility and makes the mixing experience visual and intuitive.

To access the Surface setup press the SURFACE SETUP key below the TouchScreen.

To assign a Single Strip, touch the Single Assignment button. Press the SEL key on the strip you want to assign. Use the drop down menu to select the Channel Type you wish to assign. Touch the Channel Number box to highlight it and use the screen encoder to scroll to the number required. Touch Apply to accept the change. To assign a Block of Strips, touch the Block Assignment button. Working from left to right in the same fader Bank, press the SEL key of the first strip in the range you wish to assign. Now press the last in the range. All the green SEL indicators in the selected range should light. Use the drop down menu to select the Channel Type you wish to assign. Highlight the channel number boxes to enter the start and end numbers required. Touch Apply to accept the change.

Reset All Strips This function is not often used but can be helpful if you are connecting a Surface with unrelated strip assignment to a MixRack. It automatically overwrites the current assignments and configures all strips across all fader banks and layers in a pre-determined order so that all channels, mix masters and DCA masters can be viewed and accessed as a starting point.

Go to the SURFACE SETUP / Alt View / Rotary Setup page and use the drop down menus to select the ALT VIEW key function and Shift rotary function.

You can set user preferences for how the iLive Surface functions. Go to the SURFACE SETUP / Preferences page.

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