iLive 101 – Surface basics: channel processing strip

2013/08/28 in

The Channel processing strip offers analogue style control with dedicated, 1-knob-per-function rotary controls.The preamp controls are presented as on a conventional console. A Trim function provides +/-24dB control which can be used together with or instead of the Gain control, ideal for independent FOH/Monitor scenarios. The HPF section includes an IN switch and cut off frequency control from 20 to 400Hz. The noise gate has full parameter control including sidechain, and a familiar layout which makes it easy to use. Signal level is displayed behind the threshold setting to help finding the gating point.  The 4 fully parametric EQ bands can be switched to shelving, bell or filter response. The uncluttered display quickly shows the overall picture, with further detail available from the graph and values displayed on the screen. Available on every input channel and mix master is a compressor complete with sidechain filter, signal level display behind the threshold setting, Manual and Auto modes with different types of compressor response and emulations of classic analogue gear. The third dynamic processor adds a limiter to each input channel and mix master. The input limiter can be switched to become a de-esser, giving the operator both a compressor and a de-esser on vocal channels.

iLive Surface processing

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