iLive 101 – PL remote controllers

2013/09/13 in

Using Allen & Heath’s range of PL remote controllers with an iLive system expands control possibilities. Connected to the MixRack and/or modular Surface via Cat5 cable and configured from the touchscreen or Editor software, these ‘plug ‘n play’ devices can control mixes, mutes, levels, scene recalls and more. PL-10 and PL-6 are ideal as remote mix controllers, e.g. for personal monitoring applications, or in conjunction with Editor.

iLive supports PL3, PL4, PL6, PL8, PL10 and PL9 hub.

PL-Anet is the proprietary Allen & Heath RS485 based serial control network for connecting combinations of PL Series remote controllers to iLive. Use standard CAT5 cables to connect PL Series controllers to the iLive PL-Anet port. Make sure the last PL controller has the end of line terminator plugged into its output socket. For more information on using PL-Anet refer to the user guide that comes with the controller.

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