iLive 101 – iLive Tweak setup

2013/09/11 in

iLive Tweak is an application for the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It can be downloaded from the iTunes store. Tweak requires firmware version V1.7 or greater. Ensure the latest firmware has
been downloaded and installed on the iLive system from the Allen & Heath website.

iLive Tweak controls the iLive via a wireless router or access point plugged into an iLive network port. The iPhone uses Wifi to connect to the iLive wireless network. 802.11n is recommended as it
will maximise the wireless coverage for an iPhone 4 or iPad. 80211.g is suitable for older iPhone models. For more information please see our Router Compatibility guide here:

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V1.7 provides the following control:

  • Input channel Fader, Mute, PEQ, Delay
  • Mix master Fader, Mute, PEQ, GEQ, Delay
  • FX send Fader, Mute
  • FX return Fader, Mute, PEQ
  • DCA master Fader, Mute
  • PAFL master Fader, Mute

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