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The iLive Surface provides instant access to all live mixing functions using physical controls and indicators as well as a touch screen providing a user interface that is intuitive and quick to learn for engineers familiar with traditional analogue mixing. Illuminated controls and a large, colourful virtual ‘write-on’ strip provide instant visual reference letting you focus on the performance rather than the interface. It takes just a few minutes to show a guest engineer how to mix using iLive. All models offer the same control, the difference being the number of faders and a reduced rotary control section for the smaller models.

Fixed format Surfaces

Fixed format Surfaces are affordable and lightweight, ranging from 12 to 28 faders. The ultra-compact, rack mountable R72 is the first in its class – still capable of mixing 64 input channels thanks to 72 control strips.

iLive fixed format surfaces

All fixed format Surfaces feature a VGA output to allow duplication of the TouchScreen display on an external monitor screen. Two USB ports are available for scene, show, library transfer and firmware updates. A built-in ACE port is provided as the main interface to transport audio and control data to and from the MixRack. Additional Ethernet ports allow one or more laptops running iLive Editor, a wireless router or external third party devices to be connected. MIDI and third party Ethernet data are tunnelled over the ACE connection to allow remote control of MIDI devices, wireless microphones, remote amplifiers etc. Built-in assignable local audio inputs and outputs include TRS jacks, RCA phono and RCA digital connectors. Up to 16 local inputs and 14 local outputs are provided on the iLive-T112.

iLive surface detail fixed

Modular Surfaces

The four modular iLive Surfaces allow a variety of audio I/O options to be fitted in a 4 slot card frame, Port B network and redundant power supply options, and can be shipped in a touring grade flight case.

iLive modular Surfaces

Two USB ports are available under the armrest at the front in addition to the ports on the back. A backup power supply input is available for redundant external power supply. Analogue connections can be used for PAFL and talkback when no other audio module is fitted. The RAB-2 Remote Audio module provides the digital audio interface to transport the Surface audio to and from the MixRack. This takes a range of audio networking cards – Port A will be the surface-rack link and reserves 32 channels for local I/O plus PAFL and Talkback. On a modular Surface, Port B can be fitted with the M-MMO option card only.

The CPU module manages the Surface system and provides remote control via MIDI, PL-Anet and Ethernet thanks to a 3-ports integrated Ethernet switch. All modular Surfaces come with a 4 slot frame to load up to four 8ch I/O modules, same format and choice of the iDR10 MixRack.

iLive surface detail modular

Surface Controls

The screen provides touch access to system setup, FX parameters, memories and utility functions, and an alternative graphical view of the channel processing giving both analogue and screen based methods of working. Dedicated screen keys mean that the required function is never far away. 8 user assignable keys are available for scene recall, DCA mutes, tap tempo and much more. A dedicated Talkback section offers a mic preamp, level control, 48V and ASSIGN button.  Dedicated keys are provided for scene selection and recall (disabled by default), ‘Scene Safe’,  Freeze in Layers (keeps a channel in place regardless of layer selection), and ‘GEQ Fader Flip’ (toggles access to the GEQ on faders). In this mode the channel LCD displays change colour and show the related frequencies and dB values, while SEL buttons quickly reset bands to 0dB and an RTA is displayed on the meters above the frequency bands.

Parameters, whole channels or mixes can be quickly copied and pasted using dedicated edit keys. Accidental operation is prevented using a press-and-hold operation.

iLive Surface controls

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