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iLive FX are top quality emulations and developments of popular industry standard effects, modelled by our engineers right into the heart of the DSP mix engine, with the expertise and creativity to capture, recreate and possibly enhance the sonic performance. This gives you very low latency and instant access to all 8 FX at all times – no need for licenses or dongles.

All iLive MixRacks feature 8 built-in FX. 8 dedicated ‘short’ FX returns channels with 4-band PEQ are available in addition to the 64 input channels. The un-cluttered front panel controls and interface give a simple analogue feel of the effects devices they emulate. Parameters are easily adjusted using the TouchScreen rotary control. A unique ‘Dynamik FX Shaper’ is available on all units – use the program level passing through an effect as a side-chain source to the DFX gate or duck, make reverb tails to appear more prominent in the mix at the end of vocal lines, or prevent echo ‘swamping’ on instruments during loud, busy passages. Flip to the back panel view to configure how you want to use each FX. Choose its mode, source and destination.

  • Inserted FX can be inserted into mono or stereo Input or Mix channels.
  • Dual Mono lets you insert a stereo effect across two mono channels.
  • Mix > Return FX is the familiar mix send / stereo channel return mode.

Note – iLive V1.8 and higher support Extended I/O to allow greater flexibility of signal routing: daisy chain of FX units, direct patch to outputs, and up to 4 inputs / 8 outputs per effect.

Dedicated FX sends, Aux sends, Groups, Matrix outputs, Main channels, Direct Outs and FX outputs can all be patched to an FX input. This way you can save on buses for more in-ear stereo mixes!

FX settings can be stored in Scenes, recalled per song, band, act, show, or edited to create your own Library presets for instant recall. Store and transfer FX libraries between systems using your USB key.

Note – iLive V1.9 introduced Dynamic EQ and MultiBand compressors.

Visit our FX pages for an interactive tour or have a look at the iLive FX Understanding Guide for FAQs and more:

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