iLive 101 – iLive Editor setup

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One of the most exciting aspects of iLive is its ability to configure the system offline before the show, check and edit show files from guest engineers, and control the mix live using one or more PC or MAC laptops or touch tablets running iLive Editor.  iLive Editor software is available free of charge and gives complete wired or wireless control of the iLive system using standard TCP/IP Ethernet.

The laptop can be used at the same time as or instead of the Surface providing a compact alternative for discrete mixing, and the ability to carry out different tasks at the same time.  For example, monitors can be tweaked on stage using a wireless laptop while another engineer runs the FOH sound check from the Surface.  Custom strips are provided to create a personal, ‘virtual surface’ layout on Editor.

A laptop running Editor can control the iLive using a wired or wireless connection to any iLive NETWORK port. Check that all devices on the iLive network have compatible IP addresses. When using a router, check that the DHCP address range (scope) is restricted to avoid conflict with the iLive and other connected devices with static IP addresses.

Note – It can takes a minute or two for Editor to connect to iLive. Surface operation and metering may be interrupted for brief moments due to the increased network activity as Editor connects. Audio is not affected. At one point the Surface may freeze for around 10 seconds. Once connected normal Surface operation resumes.

For information on using Editor refer to the Help manual within Editor.

Default iLive IP settings

Subnet mask:

Recommended router address:
Recommended DHCP range: to

Recommended laptop settings: DHCP enabled when a router is in use, otherwise a static address compatible with the ones above.

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