iLive 101 – Getting Started

2013/08/28 in

To connect a fixed format Surface to a fixed format MixRack, a standard Cat5 cable is used. This replaces expensive multicore copper ‘snakes’.

To connect a modular MixRack to a modular Surface:

  • When both are fitted with RAB-2 and ACE cards, a one-cable Cat5 connection is used. However, AH-Net Control data needs external bridging from a network port to the ACE card. Short Cat5 cables are provided with each M-ACE card for this. Two cable runs can be used for full redundancy with no audio dropout.
  • When using formats other than ACE, audio is carried over a Cat5 cable (a pair of coaxial cables when using MADI) whereas the AH-Net Control data typically needs an additional Cat5 cable.

To give you a quick starting point you can choose from a selection of factory ‘Template’ Show memories. These configure the whole system including audio architecture and strip assignments as classic formats that emulate the familiar layout of traditional analogue consoles. Start with a Template show and recall the Scene associated with your Surface size if you do not want to configure the strip layout from scratch. Once loaded you can edit the format and archive it as a User Show for recall again later. Alternatively you can use the Editor program to lay out your strips and save the setting for transfer to the console.

To work with the Show memories go to the UTILITY / Configuration / Show Manager page.

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