iLive 101 – Dual Rack setup

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Two MixRacks may be connected in Dual-Rack mode to expand the number of input channels from 64 to 128. The number of physical inputs available depends on which MixRacks are used. This does not expand the number of mix buses.

Note – The Master and Slave MixRacks must have unique IP addresses and Unit Names. Make sure both addresses and names have been set before the two MixRacks are connected together. Set these in Network Settings. For example: for the Master rack and for the Slave rack.

Connect the Surface to the Master MixRack using 1xCAT5 cable in ACE Port A. Link the Master and Slave MixRacks using a CAT5 cable, Master Port B ACE 1 to Slave Port A ACE. Link one of the Master Network sockets to its Port B ACE Network Bridge socket. Using the Surface TouchScreen go to Utility / Network / Dual MixRack Setup to configure the Slave rack.

Important notes on Dual Rack mode:

  • Channels 1-64 are sourced from the Master MixRack (Preamps cannot be mapped across MixRacks).
  • Channels 65-128 are sourced from the Slave MixRack.
  • Surface audio can only be assigned between channels 1- 64 (connects to Master MixRack).
  • Each MixRack processes its own channels 1-64 or 65-128.
  • The Master MixRack processes the 32 buses.
  • FX may be inserted on Master channels 1-64 only.
  • Channels cannot be ganged across MixRacks.
  • The Reset Network Settings recessed switch restores default single MixRack operation.

For further details on Dual Rack please either download or browse our Understanding Guide:

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