iLive 101 – Digital Split setup

2013/09/13 in

A number of option cards can be used to link iLive or GLD systems together. Typically this is done for front of house / monitor systems where digital splits of the mic preamps in one system are sent over Cat5 cable to the second system. This provides independent trim, EQ, processing, FX, and mix-bus structure for each system.

Regardless of transport format, one system will be set to Internal clock and will act as a Master clock in the network. Typically this is the system where most microphones are plugged in, and will have control of the preamp analogue gain. The second system will receive most of its inputs digitally via ACE/ES/Dante/MADI and will be set to sync from its Port B. Both systems can be set to use Digital Trim after sound-check so that changes to the preamp control on one system will not affect the other system.


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