iLive 101 – Copy & Paste and Libraries

2013/08/30 in

iLive provides a quick and intuitive edit function to copy or reset settings between channels, processing blocks and mixes. This uses dedicated edit keys on the Surface rather than complex screen menus. These functions are protected from accidental operation. Pressing one of these keys by itself does nothing. The edit function is actioned only if the key is first held down and then a SEL or MIX key elsewhere on the surface is pressed while it is held.

The lower toolbar of the TouchScreen displays information about the edit operation, for example what is currently held on the clipboard, or whether an action is valid or not. You can copy or reset whole channels or selected blocks of parameters, for example setting up all the processing for a vocal channel as a starting point and then copying it to other vocal channels. You can work with just one block of parameters, for example to copy a Compressor across a range of instrument channels. You can copy or reset a whole mix or the mix parameters of just one channel, for example as a starting point for several in-ear monitors.

Note – When using the edit keys make sure the TouchScreen is in normal mixing mode, not in MIXRACK, SURFACE or NAME&COLOUR mode. These modes take over the function of the strip SEL keys.

Library presets

You can also name, store and recall parameter settings as User libraries, or recall factory presets from the Library pane in each processing screen. Library types include PEQ, GEQ, Noise Gate, Compressor, Limiter/De-esser, Full input channel processing, Full mix channel processing, FX emulations, PL-Anet setup.

Touch the Library button to open up the library view. Select a Factory, User or USB item and touch Recall to recall its settings. Touch Store New to store the current settings as a new User library item. This open the touch keypad to enter a name.

Libraries can be archived to computer or transferred between iLive systems using a USB key. Press the TouchScreen UTILITY / Configuration / Library Manager key to work with the USB library function. If you plug in a USB key with libraries available these will be listed in the related Library screens. You do not need to copy them to the Surface to work with them. Copy libraries from the iLive to the USB key to archive or transfer them.

Note – for iLive to see the Libraries on your USB key they must be placed in an ‘allenheath \ libraries’ folder in the root directory of your key. If libraries have been previously transferred from an iLive to the key then the folder should exist already.

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