iLive 101 – Channel Ganging

2013/09/04 in

Ganging lets you link selected processing parameters between input channels or masters, for example the EQ, gate and compressor of a stereo keyboard, or the GEQ of the L and R main mix. iLive lets you create up to 8 gangs with up to 8 channels in each. Ganging does not include the input Preamp (Gain).

Note – Although you can configure stereo channels, Ganging is the preferred method for linking channels when mixing live. Creating and removing gangs can be carried out quickly ‘on the fly’ while mixing. Configuring stereo channels using the MIXRACK SETUP / Mixer Config screen resets the DSP architecture, takes a while to complete, and should only be used for setting up ‘permanent’ stereo channels, for example walk-in music players and external effects returns.

Select the TouchScreen MIXRACK / Ganging page. Ganged channels must be compatible input or mix types. The parameters available to be ganged are known as the ‘Attributes’. These include processing such as EQ and dynamics, delay, routing levels and assignments and mutes. Touch a numbered Gang box in the left hand pane, press the SEL key on the first channel strip you want to gang, then touch the screen Attributes tab and highlight the parameters you want to gang. Touch Apply to accept the changes, then press the SEL keys for the other channels you want to add to the gang.

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