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GLD Libraries

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A repository for GLD user Shows and Libraries.

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  • Scene 40 EFX fader locked (234.6k)  
    In category: Show files, Strange programming by me..
    Uploaded by John-S on 2015/11/08. 22 downloads since then.

    If anyone can tell me how I got the magenta EFX fader so it would not move on SCENE 40 only I would like to know. I spent quite a lot of time debugging my program.

    Thank you

  • iDR submix starting point (13.6k)  
    In category: Show files.
    Uploaded by Nicola A&H on 2014/03/07. 24 downloads since then.

    In this V1.4 Show, 8 MIDI Strips are set to control level, mute and preamp gain of ch 1-8 of an external iLive system running on MIDI Ch 1. Set the GLD to MIDI Ch 2.

  • Aux-fed mons died mid show. (14.2k)  
    In category: Broken show files, Show files.
    Uploaded by Mark McFarlane on 2014/01/27. 21 downloads since then.

    NOTE: This problem only occurred once, on a new console, so it is possible this was (my) user error. GLD112 Show File. Posted for diagnostics by forum members. Complete description of problem available here: Show was saved immediately after mons went offline. Reloading show did not fix the problem, but rebooting the GLD112 and reloading the show fixed the problem.

  • GLD80 SHOW TEMPLATE: LetzRoc A001 (31.4k)  
    In category: Show files.
    Uploaded by matrixsound on 2014/01/22. 95 downloads since then.

    A GLD80 show template with some useful Utility Scene ideas. See LetzRoc_Template_ReadMe.txt
    Rock Band
    2 Ld Vox
    2 BU Vox
    2 Stereo Guitar
    6 Stereo Keys
    1 Bass DI
    1 Bass Mic
    8 Drums
    2 Guest stage inputs

    Main: LR
    Groups: 2 Stereo
    FX: 4 Mono, 4 Stereo
    Aux: 10 Mono, 1 Stereo
    Matrix: 1 Stereo
    Remaining Resources: 0

  • Legally Blonde The Play_Scene file. 165 snapshots. GLD80 (205.4k)  
    In category: Show files.
    Uploaded by John-S on 2013/11/21. 56 downloads since then.
    My first show. One week after receiving the board. Load it and advance through the scenes to see how I worked it. Somewhat simplistic but I used the scene by scene channel repositioning to great advantage. It is the 15th revision and the one used on the closing night.
  • GLD Show for ME demo package (10.7k)  
    In category: Show files.
    Uploaded by Nicola A&H on 2013/10/04. 64 downloads since then.
    This Show is intended for use with the ME-1 distributor demo package.