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dLive Libraries

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A repository for dLive user Shows and Libraries.

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To upload a file, click ’Upload a New Document’ at the bottom of the page. For security reasons, the file must be a zip archive. Select your zip file, type a name for the file and a description to tell other users about the content. Select the Category (Show files or Library presets) and click ’Save’. You can always Edit or Delete your files from this page.

User Libraries List

  • Show file for Allen & Heath IP8 Custom set up for Dlive consoles. (555.2k)  
    In category: IP8 Controller, Show file.
    Uploaded by Stix on 2021/09/28. 21 downloads since then.

    Check out the video: for what this show file allows the IP8 controller to achieve and save yourself some programming!

    Rename the .ZIP file extension to .gz and load into Dlive Show directory to open.

  • Can someone please upload your show file with library of multiple channel presets for overview, PEQ, preamps, gates, etc? (187.6k)  
    In category: Show file.
    Uploaded by BradRick on 2020/07/29. 24 downloads since then.

    This show file reflects the state of a dLive mixrack in its basic, out-of-the-box state. I\'m adding this show because until now there has only been one User Library upload for dLive in this repository, and because when you buy a dLive, it unfortunately comes with no libraries, meaning no presets for PEQ or overview, and only a couple presets for preamp and gate on-board. This is in contrast to other A&H consoles like Qu that come with an abundance of presets onboard, including presets for different kinds of mics, etc. I know someone out there has a show with various presets saved for various types of inputs: please upload your show here so new dLive customers can have good starting point presets for a live mixing situation.

  • IP6 IP8 application examples (228.8k)  
    In category: Show file.
    Uploaded by Nicola A&H on 2016/08/31. 27 downloads since then.

    Programming examples for IP6 and IP8 remotes. See accompanying article here: