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    I have a question about the Zedi-10fx. I currently have one on loan, to test & there are a couple of things about the USB input set-up that I can’t work out.

    USB input via mac;

    firstly, when playing a file from my mac it comes through on ST2 channel & I can’t seem to get it to come through instead on ST3 (playing back via Reaper). I can’t see anything in Reaper routing that might change this but perhaps i’m missing something obvious?

    I also can’t adjust the volume of that input at the desk. It’s either ‘on’ or ‘off’ depending on if that channel is selected as routing to mix / headphones etc. Turning the channel volume knob (ST2) doesn’t do anything to the level. Is this normal ?


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    In Reaper, you’ll need to select the ZEDi as your audio device and possibly set first and last channels for input and outputs to 1-4.
    You’ll then be able to send audio to channels 3&4, which (as shown on the artwork of the ZEDi) go to the ST3 channel.

    For monitoring, just ensure no headphone or ‘Phones Select’ switches are pressed and you’ll be hearing the main LR mix (i.e. the one affected by the level controls).
    The headphone switches on each channel are ‘pre fade listen’ switches, designed really for quick checking of each channel and to be able to see just that channel on the meters for gain adjustment.
    When you only want to hear the computer and you have it routed correctly in Reaper, just press the ST3 switch in the ‘Phones Select’ section.

    Regarding inputs, USB channels sourced from the mono input’s (M1-M2-M3-M4) are all being fed by the signal just after the preamp. So it’s normal that changing the main mix level won’t affect these.
    The reason for this is that if you’re multitrack recording a live event, you want to get a ‘clean’ recording of each input, rather than one affected by changes you’re making for the main (PA) output.

    You can also choose to record the Aux and FX outputs which will be affected by the send levels for each on each channel, or the stereo main mix, which will be affected by the main mix level and pan/balance for each channel.

    There are some visuals in this video that might help – https://youtu.be/rRbc9KuN4qc


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