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    I’ve been on to several of the main audio distributors but none seem to be able to answer my question about the zedi-10 / zedi-10fx
    the zedi-10 usb is described as 4×4 which I take to be 4 analogue ins and 4 analogue outs
    I want to record to a DAW 4 independent ins – fine – it can accommodate a mix of 4 vocal/guitar ins.
    Then I want to send the 4 channels from the DAW via usb to the zedi-10 and output to 4 independent amps – probably to 2 stereo amps then to 4 speakers so each original input comes from a separate speaker.
    I asked the distributors where I would take the outputs from – it’s not clear how to manage the output routing.
    A typical answer from a main dealer was to buy the device and bring it back if it didn’t do what I wanted.
    Question is – can it do what I want and how?

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    Mike C

    The USB inputs to the mixer are in stereo pairs, USB 1-2 and USB 3-4 sent to stereo ST2 and ST3 level controls.

    No easy way to get four discreet USB inputs and control of them.
    With some creative assignment in your DAW and using a combination
    of the mixers aux and main outs you maybe able to come up with a work around.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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