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    I’m looking for an Audio interface mixer, to be used with 3 keyboards and the occasional guitar or mic, and record to an Ipad.

    I’m considering the Zed60-10FX and have looked at the manual, however I’m a bit confused and have a couple of questions:

    -with ST2 lineins plugged to a synth. Would I still be able to playback USB-IN?
    What I mean is recording ST1 or ST2 or mono1&mono2 to an Ipad via USB-OUT whilst at the same time playing back a track from the Ipad via USB-IN.

    -if I wanted to use the playback lineins to listen to music streamed from an Iphone, whilst having ST2 connected to a synth and USB-IN, how would I go about doing this?

    -Would it be possible to use Main-MIX Insert L&R plugged to a bluetooth to line-in dongle in order to stream music from an Iphone?

    Many thanks!

    I’m exploring the Peavey PV10BT as an alternative which ticks the stream music via bluetooth box for me.Zed60-10fx USB-IN, ST2, playback questions

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    Mike C

    When you plug into either ST 2 or the Playback inputs the source physically
    plugged into the jacks override the USB playback input.
    ST 1 does not have the USB playback available to it.

    So if your using the ST 1 and ST 2 inputs the Playback channel could receive the
    USB output.

    As for connecting a Bluetooth transmitter I would use the RCA monitor output jacks or the record output jacks. The monitor outputs have a level control on the mixer.

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    Thanks, I’m slowing wrapping my head around it.
    I’m planning to have three keyboards connected to it (mono1-mono2,st1,st2), and record one/playback simultaneously on an Ipad via USB.

    Could you please elaborate, what is the playback channel?
    Is it something separate from the 10 channels that could receive playback FROM the Ipad via USB when both ST1 and ST2 are in use?

    Regarding the Bluetooth transmitter, pluggin g into the RCa monitor output jacos, would it work for signals coming into the mixer, not out?
    I’m after a way to stream music into the mixer from an Iphone, purely for listening to music.
    I’m aware there are 1/4″ playback input jacks, but I understand USB-IN from the Ipad would not work when plugging anything into those (for instance the bluetooth dongle).

    Thanks again

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    Mike C

    The playback input has no channel strip controls like EQ or gain, it goes
    straight to the maim mix output and is controlled by the playback master
    The monitor out put jacks can provide everything that is in the main mix out.

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