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    Hi all, I’m using a brand new ZED436 in my home studio, that is a quiet fully treated control/ live room. Also my previous desk had no such noise issues.

    I can live with some fan noise (like a modern PC), but the fan volume on this thing is huge…! I’m wrapped with the desk otherwise, I get its built at a price point, and for live use the fan wouldn’t be an issue.

    It doesn’t sound like a faulty or an old dirty fan, but just like a very loud one.
    My PC fan is only just present when the desk is off and my room ventilation is all baffled and no louder than the PC, but this desk is like someone turned on a pedestal fan in comparison. I’m finding myself having to monitor a higher levels to try an overcome it, but its tiring to the ears. It is also noticeable when tracking of vocals and acoustic guitars etc.. where as my PC fans never were (are), when using the previous mixing desk.

    I’m assuming this fan is only required for the internal PSU and not for anything else on the desk itself? I’m not sure if the fan is temp/speed controlled, but my room is constantly between 18-21oC depending on my mood. All of the desk ventilation is clear, and no other gear is near the desk to heat it up etc.. so I don’t believe there’s anything funky going on.

    Has anyone any tips on either shutting it up (baffles?), replace/upgrading it (specs/sizes would help)?
    Or is just just an undersized fan for the air its attempting to move?
    If so, I think I’m going to have to covert it to an external PSU so I can run a larger and better quality fan that can be mounted in a better location. Yes, it bugs me that much, even though id have to open up a month old desk to modify!

    looking forward to your thoughts
    Adam 🙂

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    So I had a play around last night with the DB meter, just placing it on my arm rest near my listening position. The fan is only reading 2db above the rest of the gear.
    So it leads me to believe its the position of the fan, in relation to the listening position as well as the frequency range it produces that’s causing me grief. EG other noise being generated like the PC is not in a direct line to my ears, so the perceived volume is higher.

    I’ve made a trail “fix” by attaching a 76mm flexi tube to the outlet with some open pore foam stuck into it as a muffler. then the tube continues under my console desk. it’s greatly reduced the top end of the sound (by ear) and air flow is still strong at the outlet. I’m unsure if its workable yet, but its a start. the tube itself is too large in diameter, but its what I had.

    Surely I’m not the first person to attempt to lessen this fan noise? I’m still thinking I’ll have to remount the PSU at this point, or somehow control the fan speed so I can lessen the noise when it’s critical.

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