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    The lead topic for this discussion was
    Xone:DB4 issue

    and KeithJ A&H said
    (There are not a huge number of XONE users in our digital community so speaking with one of the XONE experts -not me!- might be the quickest way to get help with this)

    Sorry if not spelling out << 1 >> as << one >> confused you so much

    But that is irrelevant as your problem started when you changed the PC out for a new one.
    You need to prove the PC is NOT the problem before blaming AH gear

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    Plankton Jnr

    I’m experiencing exact same issues. Ryzen 5900x paired with a Asus x570i motherboard. Same symptoms, applications crashing, YouTube causing lights to hang and my web browser to show “status access violation” error.
    We’re in the same boat, if you get any new updates could you let us know? I’ll do the same.

    I’ve made the fatal mistake of selling my audio interface before testing the Db4’s sound card, ended up being left without.

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    do you have the latest firmware

    if so then blame windoze and its drivers if you get no sound

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    Exactly. I had web browser “status access violation” errors too. Only when the DB4 was connected via USB and powered on. Hasn’t happened since I got rid of the DB4.

    @ volounteer aka https://community.allen-heath.com/members/williamadams/

    Not helpful dude. But thanks for trying.

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    glad to hear you fixed your problem
    sorry you did not find it useful
    you would be surprised how many people do make simple mistakes by overlooking something like that

    not sure why you doxxed my link on AH
    anyone can click on my screen name and get it for themselves

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    Minor update from my side, I will ignore Volounteer, since he is only trying to point at m,y initial problem. not helpful.

    I have now been able to reproduce the problem on 6, 6!!! machines, all running AMD Ryzen.
    I tried 4 Intel machines and no problem.

    I know without a doubt, the problem is the Ploytec driver that comes with the DB4.
    The error message on BSODS stating it and being able to reproduce this makes it clear.

    I can also pinpoint where the problem is located in the way the driver functions.
    This has to do with the different ways that AMD and Intel handle their memory access and use of the CPU fabs on AMD.
    Should not be a big issue to fix but I can see that investing that in a mixer that is still being sold and made is too much.

    It pains me to say that ill have to get rid of the DB4 and go for something else like the Xone:96 which is core compliant and doesn’t rely on 3rd party shizz.
    Shame I have to dish out another smack of money for something like this 🙁

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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