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    I just bought this MacBook Air and I’m using an ALOGIC dongle.
    I can’t get it to send a signal to the XONE 23C (which I’ve been using for 3 years).
    I’m not sure if it’s the dongle or the macOS update.
    I install the Xone:23C 2019 Mac software, but I’m wondering if it’s not new enough…

    Any help would be awesome!

    Thanks 🙂

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    Just checking for any follow-ups? / still can’t get it to work…


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    23e Heure

    Same / similar issue here.
    I’ve bought a brand new MacBook, running Ventura 13.2.
    I installed the latest drivers available on the A&H software downloads page (Xone 23C_3.3.11.dmg).
    But my Mac either doesn’t see my XONE 23C al all (random disconnects).
    Or when it does connect, I can’t get it to set up correctly with Cross DJ Pro.

    So I agree: looks like a drivers issue. Can we get new ones please!

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    23e Heure

    Hey @thornburrito

    I contacted A&H Support and they were excellent, and helped me fix my issue quickly.

    1. With Ventura you should NOT install any XONE drivers.
    Here are the instructions Ito remove the drivers from your Mac:

    The Xone23C is supported on OS Catalina (and above) as a Core Audio device. This means that you will need to remove the driver for the 23C to work on Core-audio. Unfortunately, we currently do not have a driver remover tool that will work on a 64-bit platform (Catalina), so the driver needs to be removed manually.
    To manually remove the driver, go to the local hard drive>Library>extensions, locate the kext file and drag it into the trash (Step 1).
    Then go to library>audio>plug-ins, locate the 23C driver plugin, and drag it to the trash (step 2).
    Now empty the trash can and restart the computer, the 23C should now work as a class-compliant device.

    2. Once I did that I copied connect to the Xone23 with no stability issues, and could use it as an Audio Output device.
    But I still could not get the Xone to send any kind input to my Mac (so for example my DVS software didn’t see any signals from the DVS vinyl->One_>Mac_>DVS software).
    Here’s how to fix that:

    If the Device is not sending upstream data, this is a caveat of running on Core-audio on Mac. And it can easily be overcome in the OS privacy settings. Please check the link below for more info.


    Hope this fixes your problems as quickly an easily as it did mine!

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    Hey 23e Heure,

    Thank you for all of this.

    I’m stuck on the Core Audio device part.

    Where do I go for this? I can’t find it..


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    Core audio is the default audio I/O for macOS since 15 years now.

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    Cheers Steffen,

    I mean, how do I find this function?
    Also not sure what is meant by ‘copied connect to the Xone23’?

    I’m running through the Satechi USB hub. Not sure if that makes a difference.


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