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    Hello, I’ve been using the Allen & Heath Xone series for a good 19 years.
    I started with the Xone 62, which I still enjoy using today, up to my current Xone PX 5.
    A lot has changed in terms of Djing – we have to bring most of the actual releases digitally to stay up to date. Vinyl has lost too much of its importance even when I maintain my collection.
    I really liked my Xone PX 5 and a colleague’s Xone 96 – it sounds like I would like a Xone mixer to do this.
    Of course, there are also sound advantages over my previous Native-Instruments Audio 4 (old circus-logic converters which sound rather cool)
    Since Pioneer with the current DVM-v10 (ESS-Saber like Apogee or Motu) and Rane MP (AKM like Univeral Audio) say this about what is installed in their products.
    I naturally wonder what is installed in my Xone PX5 or the 96.
    In terms of Sound, I don’t question anything, it’s just a matter of interest.
    Can anyone help me or enlighten me?

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    We had a dj at a HS reunion a very long time ago and they had all their vinyl on a computer with a program that let them pick what to play and a lot more. Nobody really cared about the sound as it was more background with songs from the time we had been in school.

    Did you have a specific question?

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    i have a good Software to play and Mix my Vinyl ( Traktor ) and i like my Zone Mixers.
    I have a good Soundcard ( Apogee Duet with ESS Sabre inside ) to digitalized my Vinyl.
    My Main Qustion is what Chips Allen Heath build in there Xone Mixers.
    The Xone Mixers with internal Soundcard have a good Sound ( Which DJ_Mixer Sounds perfect) in case for a DJ-Mixer
    I can`t find any infos in The manuals / specs / announcements anywhere about the Digital Chips.

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    Good News from Luke Wall / Product Support Engineer.
    The Xone 96 is in case ADC / DAC completely equiped with AKm Chips!
    The PX5 is equiped ADC Circus Logic ( I promised a newer one after the are Buying Wolson )
    In the DAC they are Using Burr Brown.

    Some good reasons to be stay true to Allen Heath ! ! !

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