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    I am currently using Vimeo Livestream Studio on a Mac to stream church services. To date these have been with remote presenters but as COVID 19 constraints have relaxed, I’m updating our system to run with live presenters in our building. I would like to run the audio from our QU32 directly via USB, preferably one of the Mix outputs so that I can split the record output from the FOH sound.

    Whilst Livestream Studio can see the QU32 as a USB sound source, it only sees two channels – L and R. I would like it to see Mix 5 and 6. There is no way to doing this in Livestream Studio as far as I can see. Is there a way of configuring the Mac audio input to trick Livestream Studio into seeing Mix 5 and 6 instead either natively or via third party software?



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    you have to find out wich pair of the USB channels Livestream Studio is using and patch watever you need to these two outputs

    the USB has 32 in and outs
    maybe it’s possible to set Livestreamstudio to a different pair of USB channels as well

    some videos with tips about the QU series

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    Not sure exactly how they do it but I know we run mix78 direct to the livestream pc where they work their magic to combine with video and prepare for AM/FM and utoob. Note that we do not use usb but send it via the cable from mix78 out. There may or may not be an audio interface involved, although I had thought that was for some other source.

    If you must use usb then you have a mac driver/LSS problem.

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    Mike C

    Go to the IO set up menu, then the USB Audio tab , when you select the
    needed tracks you can scroll through all of the output options including
    all of the mix outs to assign to that channel/track.

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