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    Mikey B

    I just wanted to update this… I have full DAw control in my windows environment Sonar now… It required updated software from my 5 year old version… . I can arm, mute, solo, and transport (with soft keys) and use either the standard or MIDI layer to control faders and various functions (can be different functions for same control on different layers)..

    I cannot, as yet, get the DAW to controll the faders on the board, just the board controlling the DAW…. any ideas?

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    I really want A&H to provide a driver that will allow us to use the QU as an DAW controller as well as an I/O for Windows… I hope they will change their mind about this. Or that maybe someone with better knowledge than me (I have no knowledge at all when it comes to midi) will configure a fully working preset for something like Bomes Midi Translator.

    The main reason I went for this mixer was the possability to also use it as a daw controller. When I found out that this function is only supported with mac I was going to return it. Since I had some time left before the return option expired I thought that I might as well give the unit a try… I absolutely loved what I found for so many reasons, and I couldnt get myself to return it anyway. Im so comfortable with my Sonar in windows that I would rather not go with a mac.

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    Wrir Live Sound Guy

    Which version of QU drivers and Sonar are you using?

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    If that question was ment for me, I use qu-16 diver version 1.5 with Sonar x3e

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    @Dhak: do you have a midi template for qu-24 and reaper? I tried to set it up as DAW in Windows but couldn’t get the faders move or control reaper. I’m new to this midi stuff and have no idea how to start.

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    midi map for Qu Reaper & PC
    can not get that to you for couple days tho.

    Dave nz

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    This has been working for many years in the Yamaha DM100 and DM2000 mixers.
    I used a Windows XP Pro and used MADI cards and usb Mackie Control protocol ind it was flawless.
    I ran Nuendo with it.
    It would be a great additional implementation

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    QU-16/24/32 as DAW controller for Sonar in Windows. This works perfectly and bidirectional.

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    I would also like to see improved support for Windows. A&H should just do the same as on Mac, write a small DAW Control application with support of Mackie Control and HUI.

    In Windows the ASIO driver is not working if you don’t turn on PC and QU in correct order (which remembers me of Windows 9x days and older hardware), MIDI is not really supported (or at least not as comfortable as on Mac). Even if Mac is used more often for DAW, there are plenty of Windows users out here. So please A&H, invest some money and make us Windows users happy (as you just did for Android 😉

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    Maris Brensons

    So sad, i regret buying QU-32. No DAW control for windows, from version 1.8 no more support of iOS 5.

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    As mentioned frequently: DAW control only provides a quick way to control faders and mutes. If you want to have serious, bidirectional remote control between the Qu and your DAW you’ll need to use the native Qu MIDI protocol anyway which is available on both Windows and Mac.

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    Qu24 + Pro Tools 10.3.7 + Windows 7 (64bits) + Bome Translator.

    I was able to route 24 faders from Qu to DAW and DAW to Qu. Mute buttons and PAFL also work.
    Configured 2 soft keys as Bank Up & Bank Dwn and I can control all channels in my DAW from my Qu24.

    Thanks for all who posted any comment here. I’ll continue to extend the functions and later share de template so all windows users can set up their qu product in a reasonable time (about 5mins).

    Best regards from Argentina.

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    Greetings from NZ to Argintina 🙂
    Look forward to your Windows 7 bi-directional template
    Please keep us all in that loop

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    Any news on this?

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    So I finally decided to sit down after a year and half of owning this thing and decided to setup my DAW CONTROL via windows 8.1. Wow I wish I’d set this up sooner. This is tight. Although I did not get the PAN working for each separate channel. Has anyone got this working? I’ll continue to test when I get a chance, But to those of you who didn’t think it could be done. Well here is the proof that it can be done. Love the way the faders follow the automation within Cubase. Check out my video below.

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