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    Now configuring the DAW (plus potentially getting more than using the HUI emulation) “sounds great”? That basically was my suggestion from last week where I got my rant for. Shutting up again.

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    I´m following this thread for a longer time now. Are there any News about an estimated time for the Windows DAW Release? What´s the progress level?

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    Ive not heard a single word unfortunately. After three months since the DAW Control announcement, I think the problem is much bigger than the MIDI piece. I wish A&H was a bit more transparent about it.

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    If any of you guys are using Sonar, this guy (link below) has made a fully working bidirectional DAW controller for the QU series.

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    Dude.. Forgot the link….

    Here it is:

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    And so, 4 months on, A&H continue with their false advertising. Although I was personally promised updates, I have heard nothing from A&H. We are not talking 4 days or 4 weeks. This has been going on for 4 months! Enough is enough, I am having this looked into.

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    I work in the technology field, everyone oversells, not that it is right, but they do. Give it some time and they will come through. Maybe next revision. If you bought it for that reason specifically, then I feel for you.

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    I can appreciate what you are saying. I also work in the technology field. It is however, one thing to oversell (hype), but it is another to state boldly that your product includes a feature that does not in fact exist on your product. To me that falls under false advertising. Shame on A&H!

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    yep… misleading advertisement…

    that is not nice to the customers, I’m waiting for that feature as well

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    David Haughton

    Hi all, please be aware that Windows DAW Control has to offer compatibility for more than just Qu series. This app affects ZED-R16 and GLD also, and has to be supported on operating systems from XP up to Win 10. There has been a considerable amount of work to do to make this compatible with all of these OS incarnations and has taken longer than anticipated because of issues with Win’s handling of Virtual MIDI ports when they are destroyed and created with each session. We have found a solution for this and the app is now in final stages of testing. In fact, it could be ready in as soon as a week providing we don’t encounter some unexpected anomaly.
    As I have said on numerous occasions at the time of release of v1.9 firmware these issues had not yet been found with the early alpha version, but the announcement of it’s introduction had been made. We apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused by the delay, but perpetually bemoaning it’s delay will not unfortunately, expedite it’s availability! Thanks. Harry.

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    Hi Harry,

    thank´s for your statement about the progress. I know that some things can be take much more time as it was scheduled. As I bought the Qu-32C I decided to buy this product because of it´s quality and Features. I knew that at this time when I got my Mixer there wasn´t planned a DAW Control for Windows while I have all equipment and Software (Cakewalk Platinum) running on a Windows system. But I decided not to go this way in waiting if there will be a DAW Control also for Windows driven computers.

    With the announcement in later May this year this got earlier than I have expected 🙂
    Dear Allen&Heath, do tests for this upcomming DAW Control Software as much as you are able. In my opinion I will still waiting longer for a new Feature the we get for our Mixer than I would be unhappy and angry by getting Betasoftware that has many Bugs.

    I remember when I got my Korg Kronos 2015. The Software Editor which was designed for the older Kronos products wasn´t compatible. But when the released it about 8 months later it was bugfree and perfect integrated in my Windows System from the first time and is running without any troubles.

    I know when I was younger I wanted all at the same time and faster than I thought to want this. Now in my meanwhile longer life I learned to wait for good things. 😉

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    First off, let me just say I am ecstatic that A&H were able to resolve the issues that pushed back the release of the Windows DAW control. Way to go gentlemen.

    What I find disturbing however is when a company (any company), refers to their costumers as trolls. This failed and misrepresented release is not the fault of your customers! This is totally on you A&H. You only have yourselves to blame. Since when is telling the truth “trolling”? I don’t know who “Harry A&H” is, but you need to learn to respect those who ultimately put bread on your table. Without customers, your company wouldn’t exist. Does your management team know that this is how you speak to your customers?!? You should be ashamed, really!

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    Dick Rees


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    Offense can only be taken!

    Interestingly A & H included in there the ZED R16?
    I know the ZED R16 pretty much inside out and there is no motorisation on that!?
    And it works perfectly in one direction as a controller.
    In fact it is firewire! ?
    Great mixer!
    Maybe A & H are thinking of re-issuing that with USB control?
    Only speculation 😐

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    Why XP? No longer supported even by its own vendor…

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