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    Sure, I totally agree regarding the campain.
    I mostly have a more pragmatic, solution oriented view on things. If something doesn’t work one way and I’m told to wait “some time”, I’d choose the next option to get a working solution now, even some USD 60 have to be spent. Compared to a Qu16 this still is little money.
    Sure, A&H did some kind of mistake advertising availability of DAW control for Windows way too early (sadly this seems to get more common sense nowadays), I personally don’t believe it was planned that way.
    But solution to establish control communication between a Qu and various DAWs did exist before 1.9 and still do, I’m just suggesting to use them.

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    Well said Andreas.
    wether it is MS-windows or Apple-Mac.
    There will always be a niggly need [or want of] for a work around and compromise to an issue somewhere within this type of environment.

    There are just so many variables.

    Look or seek out an alternative in the meantime is how I go about solving solutions.

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    With all due respect, it’s comments such as these that make me cringe. Why should companies try harder or deliver on promises when you have people who are willing to accept mediocre? I stand by my comment’s. A&H could have and should have done a better job of handling the v1.9 release. it has been out for a couple months now and clearly advertises the Windows DAW Control as if were a done deal and available. They have yet to deliver. “niggly need [or want of] for a work around and compromise”. No thank you. I work to hard for my money to accept mediocre. It would be one thing if I was whining about a “wish list” item, but this is something that A&H has promised their current and potential customers.

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    I believe “mediocre” is a relative term in this case. If you’re willing and able to wait until A&H comes out with their Windows DAW Control Alrod, that’s all well and good. But others like Andreas and myself have made the decision to come up with another solution (that works) in the mean while. When/if A&H come out with their Windows DAW Control, we will more than likely graduate to that. Assuming it works properly, of course!

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    I think you are missing my point which is based on principle. First of all should a customer have to wait on something that is being advertised as being already released? Second, should a customer be expected to waste time and energy on another solution “in the mean time” when a solution has already been promised? If you think so then fine, good for you.

    Personally I feel A&H are neglecting their customers. I have consequently lost confidence in A&H’s ability to deliver on promises in a timely manner. Others are going as far as saying that A&H are falsely advertising a firmware release. I am sorry but it has been months now and they have still not delivered. What about having the common courtesy to let customers know that they are having issues with the release? How about removing “Windows DAW Control from their release advertisement?

    If it wasn’t asked about on this forum, no one would know what the real story is. You literally have people purchasing these units with the belief that they can control their Windows based DAWS. If this isn’t mediocre to you, then I am afraid that you have set the bar pretty low. If i am in the minority here then I guess I know why A&H feels that they can drag their feet. Customers aren’t expecting much. It’s a shame really.

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    Wrir Live Sound Guy


    Geeze, I purchased a qu24 cause of the announcement and sold my Mackie control surface already.. I feel dumb.

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    Yes it is very sad, and to your point, it is an insult to the people who are purchasing the mixers based on A&H’s bogus announcement. The anti A&H chatter on the internet is getting louder, and A&H remains quiet.

    Not that A&H cares, but I will be selling my mixer. Enough is enough. The honeymoon phase is over now that I have seen their true side.

    To those of you who have given me great “How to” advice, I appreciate your time and effort. You all taught me a lot. The best of luck to you all. Time to move on…

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Alrod et al,

    I understand your frustration and believe me, we do care about our customers.
    We had anticipated the release to take much less time, hence the decision to include it in the V1.9 announcement. The email shot and press release referred to Windows DAW Control as a ‘coming soon’ feature. I’m sorry if this wasn’t very clear or misleading. Unfortunately we faced unexpected software challenges which we are now working hard to resolve and test. I’ve asked my colleagues to update you on progress regularly.

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    I appreciate the response, but I think you are still missing whatI am trying to say. You minimize your culpability by making the statement ” I’m sorry if this wasn’t very clear or misleading” Your splash page (which you are still running by the way), does not say “coming soon”. It advertises the Firmware V1.9 Full Ecosystem Upgrade and lists the following: (Also see attached screenshot)

    Fully featured QU-Pad app
    ProFactory mic presets
    QU-Control install app
    Windows DAW Control

    Again, NOWHERE does is say “coming soon”. A person has to dig into your website to find the “coming soon” information. There is not even a “Read or Click for details”. So you see, you are misleading your customers and potential customers. Many people are purchasing the QU series based on the advertised Windows DAW Control. Might I suggest that you update the splash screen to say “Windows DAW Control (coming soon). Actually you should probably remove it all together and release it when it is ready V1.10?

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    Dick Rees

    I’d like to share a couple of bits of sage advice my Grandfather gave me:

    “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”

    “If you want the world to kiss your a**, make sure to pull your head out first.”

    Happy trails.

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    I am not trying to get anyone to kiss anything Dick. If you are promoting the idea that it is ok for companies to mislead buyers, then you are part of the problem. I have seen your posts, They are usually mean spirited and you are always looking for a reaction, so It’s difficult for me to take you seriously.

    Let me make something clear, I believe A&H makes some of the best mixing gear. It’s just that at the moment I am frustrated with their being unable to deliver on what is essentially an advertised promise. Perhaps that this is the first time I have ever had a complaint against the company shows their impeccable track record. I wouldn’t waste my time if I didn’t think something good will come out of this. Even greatness can get lazy and needs a nudge from time to time. Notice that A&H haven’t deleted my posts? Weaker companies would have. This is A&H owning up to their mistakes. So please spare me your sophomoric and nonsensical quips.

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    So, to recap, this thread started as a query about the promised release of Windows DAW control being late. It quickly changed to complaining about the continued advertising of said DAW control. After continued numerous posts complaining about the same advertising issue, a company representative, who is almost certainly not part of the advertising or marketing department (thus not responsible for any advertising and marketing of said product), responds on this thread, stating that work continues on this issue and that he will make sure that said complainant will get regular updates on this issue. Yet said complainant continues to repeat the same complaint about the same advertising issue, even implying that the company is lazy.
    To me, it seems that using this particular community forum to complain consistently and often about a marketing issue is the same as going to your town’s local fire station every day to complain to the fire fighters about how the town’s mayor is not keeping his campaign promises.

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    Whether you realize it or not, you have added insult to injury. You are strongly implying that A&H is a disconnected company, one in which communication between departments doesn’t happen. You are also implying that they are as corrupt as politicians. These are pretty bold albeit baseless accusations to make unless of course you work for A&H and substantiate such erroneous claims.

    As a side note, it is sad to see people that think it is ok for companies to not deliver on advertised products. Perhaps unlike you, I am not wealthy and I work hard for my money. After spending literally thousands of dollars, I expect companies to deliver what they say they are going to deliver. If you like throwing money away, that is certainly your prerogative.

    Your argument is a simplistic and weak one. In fact, your kiss-up fan boy attitude is quite an embarrassing read. This isn’t about politics or politicians. If you feel my complaints are overbearing then don’t read them. They are not meant for you anyway.

    I have made my point, and received a response from A&H. I happen to believe that their departments do talk to each other and get things done. They wouldn’t have been in business for this long with such a long list of world class products if that were the case. It is you that is whining while my dialog with A&H gave them the nudge they need to deliver what they said they were going to deliver. This is called a “grown up” conversation. One which you obviously find difficult to understand.

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    Hi Alrod, and everyone

    Some time ago I started to deal with this same issue and was able to configure a template to use Qu24 on PTools 10 and 12. I then ran out of time for this and kind of abandoned the hole thing after I saw the reference to DAW control on windows comming soon.
    Now that I see this was probably just a cheap marketing tool for A&H I will get again hands on this DAW control issue and as soon as I trouble shoot a couple of things I’ll look for the way to share the proyect with other users.
    In case someone wants to know, I was able to control Fader, Mute, Solo on banks of 24channels up to 96channels (didnt tryed for more, but I’m confident it will handle as many channels are on the session).
    I had some issues with panning (for some reason there was some kind of mirror panning issue)
    And the most important was that in some point DAW Control Midi on Qu was communicating with QuControl App Midi and because of that had issues on the faders of ST1 and ST3 inputs wont response as expected when using DAW Control through USB-B.

    Well, just a late night comment on this. I’ll be on vacation for a couple weeks starting tomorrow, but I promise I’ll get back to this DAW control shit and share the results soon (still hope to see It’s useless because A&H delivers the driver they advertised dough)

    Best regards!

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    That sounds great Cesar! I wonder if A&H would be willing to reach out to you and others who are able to get this to work. I think it would be a Win Win for everyone. I know personally I would be willing to be a beta tester. Have a great vacation!

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