Will there be some plugin related reaction to the behringer wing?

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    @KeithJ A&H

    You said earlier:
    << The overall aim with any of our products is to provide the best possible product for the best possible price. >>

    That is logically impossible to do both at once. Ask your math prof from the uni if you missed that in your graduate classes.
    You can provide a very good product for a fixed price.
    You can provide the cheapest price for a given product.

    But worse, it is still logically impossible to say one product is better than another unless it can beat the other one in absolutely every parameter and consideration that the potential user has.

    And for different users you would often still get different results.

    I would suggest all y’all would be more successful if your marketing folks would tell engineering to provide a product at price $xxxx.yz which would satisfy the most users based on surveys to determine what that set of features. which they tell engineering should be, at that price point.

    Or to tell them to architect and design prduct ‘Y’ with the specified capabilities at the least cost while still meeting all the specified NON-functional characteristics such as reliability, ease of use, yada yada, again determined by survey of customers.

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    but that’s also my only point of criticism!
    “was es wiegt das kostet es nunmal”
    what it weighs it costs

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    Just wanted to say I am really happy with my SQ-5. It took a bit of settling in, but 1.5 firmware will add the features I need the most – Low pass filter and RTA on EQ. Audio interface ‘noise’ has long gone on my set up. The wing doesn’t do anything that makes me regret my SQ purchase one bit.

    I’m only a bedroom producer, so I do find the SQ plugins expensive. I understand they’re probably not aimed at me, and they are probably more than affordable for professionals that use this desk, but I would seriously consider buying them if they were closer to the £100 mark for the lot, which is probably far too much to ask, as I’m sure a lot of work has gone into them.

    The main point I want to make is: it’s kind of annoying that ‘locked’ content is in the plugin library. If I haven’t paid for it (but paid £2k+ for the desk), don’t make me sieve through things I don’t own. Aside from that, I’m happy! 😛

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    May I ask where your knowledge about future features come? BTW… I had both consoles hands-on for some hours… Wing made SQ look quite “outmoded”…

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    Definitely agree about the price being too high (I’ve bought all packs so far as I would say I need them). Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t all of the addons so far (and from what I’ve seen in 1.5) just ported from older a&h units? I feel like there’s not much new research and development that has gone into them save for the tube preamp. I mean when I bought the units I expected all the addons to be all about the deep processing (every channel) like the preamp and the compressor (and I suppose the graphic though it’s only the mix bus 🙂 was which if it was the case I wouldn’t mind paying the price that I have for the trio.

    Here’s to hoping there’s more deep processing plugins/addons available soon!

    On the behringer note I’ve used the x32 and hate the workflow, it just doesn’t make sense to me and I doubt they’ve changed a lot when it comes to that. Features are killer but given the choice id take the sq everytime even without the addons.

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