Will the GLD series get a refresh?

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    Or will A&H simply let it entropy?

    Would like to know if I will be able to replace my console with a GLD3 or will your middle tier go away? There are some features that I must have to mix on my console. If I can transfer my A-D converters and ME1 mixers to a new system and save money I’ll stay with A&H brand. I ask because I hear no rumblings of a GLD refresh of any kind. If I read previous responses to similar questions I interpret it as GLD is mature and no development is being done. I am wondering if the answer is still the same?

    Thank you.

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    Last thing that i have heart is that next years the gld80 will be replaced with a “budget” dlive.

    The GLD and the QU have reached the top of dps capacity.

    No more new items, only bugfixing for gld and qu.

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    There already is a budget dLive. C Class. Don’t see how they budget it any more without killing d sales. Really very little market for the middle anymore. I lose sales on QU to Midas M32 all day though. It’s only a little more than QU32. I’m really not sure where it needs to go. I use QU’s for small jobs myself and a GLD80 for bigger. I’m doing the TV mix for an upcoming Sara Evans show. 44 mics including MCs and audience pickup. 2 mix to truck and multitracking with Dante to laptop to post mix if I’m not happy with 2 mix. Show to be post edited for playback in Nov. There is where the GLD shines.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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