Why don’t the LCD (on faders strips) offer more colors?

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    Not the biggest issue but something I always wondered is why dLive didn’t add more color options to fader strip LCD displays. The only difference between iLive and dLive is the additional “white” color choice. I know a few churches around that have the dLive wondered the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dLive but that is something I wonder if anyone has an answer to. Was it just to save on production?

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    The displays have a binary control for each of their R/G/B LEDs, giving 8 combinations including black (‘off’). Allowing more combinations not only requires more complicated hardware, but it also becomes difficult to make sure that two screens that are set to be the same colour do really look the same. On some other desks you will see that if you set several adjacent channels to all be ‘light pink’, or some other option not offered on dLive, they will not actually be the same colour.

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    What about intensity? Is is an option? I would welcome if there was dark and light shade of all colors. Maybe it canbe done with display brightness. Like 50% of the glow for darker shade with respect with setting for Strip LCDs brightness setting.

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    Is it possible to pwm the LED’s to give other offset colors?

    What about the text itself? Can we have inverted colors…?

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    You can dim the LCD backlights as a whole, but not individually. You are correct that PWM would be a way to modulate colours individually, but this comes with the pitfalls I mentioned above. A wider variety of colours would require more complicated hardware than exists in the dLive.

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    So, why can’t we have orange at least?

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    Each backlight LED can be either on or off. Below are the 8 possible combinations, all of which are already available to select:
    red+blue = magenta
    red+green = yellow
    red+green+blue = white
    green+blue = cyan
    all off = ‘black’

    Hope this helps

    – Jeff, A&H

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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