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    As of 27th October 3.01pm the last time anyone contributed to this forum was 2 days and 9 hours ago (Thanks XAPBob).
    I would hardly call this a thriving community would you?

    Why isn’t the QU forum more popular? Is the QU not a very popular bit of kit?
    I guess we’ll never find out the number of units sold, so maybe we’ll never know.

    Is it such a great piece of kit that users hardly have any problems or questions about it?
    Surely not?
    As to whether you don’t know how to operate part of the machine, or have an actual question about engineering/mixing in general Id’ve thought there would have been a lot more users on here asking questions.

    Are Allen & Heath not pushing the forums as they answer queries directly if you contact them maybe?

    The libraries section has practically nothing in it and the forum just feels like a bit of a let down to me.

    Kudos to all you users on here though, you really are fantastic and I’m learning so much from you, so thanks again for all your help.

    p.s. Wern’t we supposed to be getting an announcement directly from A&H by the end of last night?
    Where’s that?

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    Announcement depends on your definition of week. I’d rather they waited until it was ready 🙂

    For me the QU is pretty intuitive, I just like this kind of place 😉

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    I’m with Bob, I want it to be ready and bug free.

    As for question on general engineering & mixing, well there’s other places for that, some with hundreds of active members. I tend to hang out at the blue-room.org.uk and soundonsound.com, but ProSoundWeb.com is the real big one.

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    The relative lack of forum traffic could be a direct reflection of the ‘trouble-free’, intuitive nature of the Qu’s design!

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    I hope so, I’d be inclined to think that most users are competent, and therefore the manual is good – but also remember how unusable the forums were before the rebuild…

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    I understand coffee king,
    I too have wondered why the forum is so quiet, the QU line of mixers ,,, well all the Allen & Heath digital mixers are just remarkable and the performance is superb.

    I too don’t understand why there aren’t hundreds of QU owners here posting their cheer wit the product.

    I love my Qu24, AR2412 andf snake on a roll 🙂

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    Mike Storm

    Hmmm. The Qu Forums page counts 540 topics and about 3k posts. Looks like the site was launched a year ago so that makes around 8 posts a day on average? But I guess most of the early threads were about missing features, now people seem generally happy with their Qu mixers. I am anyway – just wishing the monitor app was out by now.

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    Kind of confused. I read the forum much as a way to see how others handle particular problems or just confusing tweaks they want to learn about. I may have misread the first post, but my question would be What announcement? I would like to think I, as a user, dealer, and installer keep up with the new stuff and usually exciting news from Allen and Heath. But why a long thread about some announcement that may or may not impact what I do. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the next big “it” product in the world of mixing consoles come from the minds at Allen and Heath. After all they have been doing “it” for many years. Just seems like there are many that love what they do, and love the products they choose to use when they purchase it. After thought, wants and desires are a human trait. We always want more. Sometimes we just have to be patient….

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    Jeff; I assume you are referring to an impending firmware update which possibly will include an update to the QU app to allow for multiple ipad use. It has been probably the most requested feature add. The company had posted recently it was high on their list so we will see.

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    More than “high” and “soon” – they posted “top” and “next week”, although the definition of a week was a little wooly 😉

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    @coffee king
    As mentioned above, the low post rate here is probably a reflection of the good products that work as expected!
    I’m also a member of the unofficial Mackie DL1608 forum. In comparison you can get real help on this forum and it isn’t overrun by self appointed sages.
    Perhaps providing a mixer serial number should be a prerequisite before being granted access here, to stop it turning out like the DL forum.
    It’s plagued by people who don’t even own the product. They just fill the board with useless guff and thinly veiled attacks on the manufacturer. I don’t want to see any “you should have bought an X32” type posts on here by those nutjobs!

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    An X32 was the alternative in my selection (probably a compact) though the rack had a good run as well…

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    Lucky escape Bob….;)

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    I absolutely believe it is just because the gear works as advertised, works really well, and sounds fantastic. I got my Qu-16 last spring and have been absolutely delighted with it!

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    The A&H is great, not sure avoiding the X32 was either lucky or particularly significant. It’s generally been well received.

    I do still wonder about the benefits of a remote surface (with digital scribble strips), but even the X Touch series are covered in transport controls, if they did one of the “big” Xtouch surfaces with a superstrip instead of all those transport controls it would have been hard to go elsewhere.

    The mixer wasn’t just for me though, it’s also available for hire – so A&H vs B actually came into the comparison as a “name/reputation” factor alongside channel count, remote control and other features. I took a personal gamble that the multiple iPad control would appear, and that the offline editor would appear. Looks like at least one of those has gone my way 😉

    It’s not that long ago that I had been looking forward to the DL1608 being released. It just isn’t quite flexible enough for what I need.

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