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    Dr. J

    The QU-32 is a powerful Live mixer but I am having trouble seeing the usefulness of a Automatic Mic Mixer with this console…

    I would love to see some High Pass filters incorporated into the Aux EQ’s. Perhaps the ability to un-Link stereo subgroups?

    Or the refining of the effects…

    This board is very close to being the best in it’s category… A few tweaks and it will be perfect.

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    AMM is invaluable where used, but depending on your role you might never see it.

    Think about hustings, or a panel show, or debate, or anything where multiple people might speak at the same time..

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    As Bob points out, it is really good for situation where multiple people are speaking or could speak.

    I would use it more if it were more flexible in it’s application – on a QU32, only having it on channels 1 to 16 is a real pain in a installation set-up where all my team expect channels 1 to 16 to be instruments and vocals. Yes, I could go and change it all but I am hoping that A&H will make the simple software change to allow it to be used on other channels. As mentioned before, having it on banks of 8 channels would be fine – ie say 1-8 and 17-24. Even having it on either 1-16 or 17-32 would be a useful improvement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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